50 Things to Declutter From Your Kitchen

50 Things to Declutter From Your Kitchen

A cluttered kitchen can be a real headache. It is difficult to find what you are looking for, and even more difficult to prepare meals with so many distractions. When it all starts to feel overwhelming, focus on these 50 things to declutter from your kitchen to get started!

We are all guilty of overwhelming our kitchens with too much stuff. Things we think we might need one day, and things we quite frankly don’t want to deal with right now.

No matter the reason why your kitchen is bursting at the seams with too much stuff, one thing is for certain, you need to do something about it!

Why should you focus on decluttering your kitchen?

Simple! If you declutter your kitchen, it will add countless benefits to your life. You’ll be able to save money by not buying more food than you need.

It’s also going to help make you spend less time putting away dishes and groceries. Plus, when things get a little unsightly, getting things back in order is a breeze!

Not only are you going to create an uncluttered space inside of your home, but decluttering often results in other benefits as well! Like less stress, more personal time, and a sense of control over your environment.

Who wouldn’t want to reap the rewards of those types of benefits?

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Here are 50 simple things you can declutter from your kitchen. Don’t wait any longer to gain control of your kitchen and home.

1. ITEMS ON THE FRIDGE. Take it all off. Display your kid’s artwork somewhere else, discard old menus, donate kitchen magnets, and stop storing stuff on top. Keep your fridge clean & clear for a clutter-free kitchen.

2. KITCHEN COUNTER CLUTTER. Put away utensils, spices, and appliances that are not in use. Use a decorative tray to display cooking essentials you want at hand reach in a creative clutter-free way.

3. REFILLABLE WATER BOTTLES. Instead of having a dozen of them, only keep one to two per family member. For the ones that you keep, use a wine rack to store easily in a cupboard.

4. FACTORY DISH SOAP BOTTLES. Switch the plastic bottle your soap comes in and transfer into a beautiful soap dispenser that makes your kitchen sink area look nice & intentional.

5. EXCESSIVE KITCHEN LINENS. Only keep a pair of oven mitts and about seven or fewer dish towels. If you can’t close the drawer then you have too many.

6. ABOVE THE CABINET DECOR. If you have the space above the cabinets and you have dirty, dusty, and greasy faux plants and decor, take it down. See how it feels to have that space cleared for a while. If you are missing decor up there, add it back. But don’t judge it until you’ve tried it!

7. SMALL RARELY USED APPLIANCES. Ice cream, bread, and pasta makers are all great tools in the kitchen only if you use them more than once a year. If you don’t, let yourself off the hook and free up some space by letting them go.

8. JUNK DRAWERS. If you have a junk drawer in your kitchen but need the space, could you find homes for all of these little things elsewhere? Couldn’t you put the Chapstick in the bathroom, the batteries in the utility closet, and the post-it notes in the office?

9. CLEANING SUPPLIES. Do you have duplicates, supplies you never use, or just downright dingy cleaning items that need to be tossed? Declutter under your kitchen sink and only keep what you use.

10. BULK FOODS. If you have a Costco or Sam’s Club membership and can’t seem to eat through all of the bulk food, then donate to local food shelters and share the savings with others.

11. LUNCH-MAKING SUPPLIES. Go through lunch boxes, thermoses, paper bags, bento boxes, and plastic utensils. Declutter what you don’t use and organize what you keep all together for easy future lunch making.

12. SILVERWARE DRAWER. If you have a matching set, make sure to declutter any random forks, spoons, or knives that somehow made it to your collection. If your utensils divider is overflowing, it may be time to declutter down to an even amount.

13. BAKING PANS. Only keep baking pans that you use. If you have a springform pan for cheesecake and haven’t made a cheesecake, chances are, you probably aren’t going to make a cheesecake… You have to be honest with yourself when it comes to what baking pans you need to keep and which ones can go.

14. OLD SPRINKLES. We’re all guilty of having old sprinkles, food dye, and other edible baking decorations that are past their prime. Let these old sprinkles go.

15. COOKBOOKS. This one may be tough, but if you haven’t cracked open a cookbook in years since Pinterest exploded with online recipes, then it’s time to donate your old cookbooks and declutter from your kitchen for good.

16. THEMED SERVING PLATTERS. If you hold onto different serving platters for specifically themed events, then it may be time to switch to something generic you can use for every occasion. Say goodbye to the platter that would only work for a mermaid birthday or the bowl for a Mexican fiesta.

17. PLASTIC NOVELTY CUPS. You might have collected these from local events, food trucks, amusement parks, movie theaters, etc. But they can waste a lot of space if not used regularly. Let them go, it’s time.

18. OLD BAKING INGREDIENTS. Have you ever looked at how old that cocoa powder is or how about the vanilla extract? It’s ok if you need to replace these rarely used ingredients, but don’t hold onto really expired goods.

19. ICE CUBE TRAYS. If you use them regularly, I would recommend keeping them. If you only have ice cube trays in case you might need them, it’s fine to get rid of them. Worst case scenario, you’re running to get a bag of ice for a gathering.

20. EXCESSIVE ICE PACKS. Keep the ones you use, but if you have a lot in the freezer taking up space, store the extras somewhere else or donate them.

21. FROZEN BANANAS. Are you a banana bread fan? I am! But if you end up tossing every browned banana in the freezer, then you need to throw some away. Allow yourself only 5-10 frozen bananas in the freezer at a time.

22. OLD FROZEN FOOD. Do you have popsicles from two summers ago? Or how about some frostbitten peas & carrots? Start fresh by discarding old frozen foods you know you’ll never eat.

23. OVERSTOCK OF CANNED GOODS. Do you have 50 cans of green beans or tomato paste? It’s great you have a back stock but are you fighting for space? Keep what you would realistically eat for the entire year. Create an emergency kit for somewhere else in your home, and donate the rest.

24. LEFTOVERS. Ditch all leftovers in your fridge right now that no one will eat. Reduce waste by creating an “eat me” box in the fridge to put leftovers and other items that will spoil quickly.

25. REFRIGERATED CONDIMENTS. How many salad dressings do you need? How old is that chicken stock? When’s the last time you used siracha mayo? If you don’t use it toss it.

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26. BULK PACKAGING. With the organized pantry trend pulling items out of their packaging and into smaller airtight containers is a true space saver. Not only are you able to physically see how much of something you have left, but you can easily keep things neatly organized and labeled.

27. BOWLS. From serving bowls, cooking bowls, and eating bowls we end up accumulating a lot of bowls. Think about what you and your family use? Are there some bowls that never leave the cabinets? Then those might be the extra ones that you can declutter from your kitchen.

28. FOOD STORAGE CONTAINERS. These containers get a bad rap in the kitchen for being the hardest things to keep organized. The easiest way to do it is to have a matching set. Get rid of all oddball Tupper-ware containers you’ve kept over the years.

29. EXTRA KNIVES. Do you have a knife block filled with knives but then still have a bundle of rusted or dull steak knives shoved into a drawer somewhere? Just keep one set of good-quality knives. Wash, dry, and re-use.

30. OLD PARTY PLATES & NAPKINS. It might be tempting to hold onto the leftover paper napkins & plates from a party for the next one. Yet the next time a party rolls around, you buy new party plates & napkins. It’s a vicious cycle you need to break. If it’s a nice set then donate them. If you don’t want to waste them, just use them until they’re gone and out of your kitchen.

31. EXTRA COFFEE MUGS. This one is never easy for people. Coffee mugs can be sentimental. But if you’re being honest with yourself, you have favorites. It’s ok to let go of the coffee cups picked last for your morning coffee. If you can’t fit them all neatly in rows on one shelf of a cupboard, you might have a coffee mug problem!

32. IGNORED FOOD IN THE PANTRY. A bundle of oatmeal packets here and some stale crackers there, and before you know it you have a pantry filled with food no one eats. It’s time to get serious about decluttering your pantry food. Get rid of all the items no one touches. Donate the food if you can, and realize that the longer you wait the more expired foods you’ll end up with.

33. COOKING UTENSILS. Get rid of the duplicates, the slightly melted plastic spoons, the stained wooden utensils, and the utensils that never make it out of the kitchen drawer.

34. UNSIGHTLY SHELF LINERS. If you have torn, peeled, sticky, dirty, or just plain old shelf liners in your cupboards & drawers it’s time to get rid of them! Strip them out, deep clean your drawers, and replace them with new ones if you need them.

35. TEFLON-FREE POTS & PANS. Do you have really old pots & pans you have to scrub with elbow grease to get clean after using? Then it’s time to let them go. Replace with a new set if you need more or just get rid of the few that no longer work well for cooking and declutter from your kitchen.

36. MORE THAN ONE SET OF DISHES. Maybe you bought separate stacks of plates & bowls over the years, but you probably use only one set. Go a little minimalist here and just use one full set that is nice enough for small dinner parties with friends or family.

37. HOLIDAY DISHES. If you never plan to host a holiday feast again, then getting rid of these might only be difficult because they are sentimental. If they are inherited, see if a family member or beloved friend could get better use out of the set. If you are out of options and still are having trouble donating your holiday dishes try to think about the other family that will eventually use & cherish them again. Isn’t that better then these items losing their purpose entirely by sitting in a box for the next ten years?

38. BAKING STANDS. Cupcake stands, tiered trays, and ice cream cone holders seem like a great idea until they take up tons of room in your cabinets. Cupcakes will still look delicious flat on a plate, trust me.

39. ECLECTIC ORGANIZING BINS. If you’ve acquired different sized bins and containers over the years to organize your kitchen then it might be working against you! Opening up a pantry and seeing different sized, shaped, and colored bins can make everything look messier. Instead, switch for one style of bins like all acrylic, or white plastic to keep order in an aesthetically pleasing way.

40. UNUSED SPICES & SEASONINGS. You know you got them! The unused dry rub and the white pepper you bought for that one recipe. If you do not use them, they have to go. They might not go “bad” but they will lose their flavor over the years.

41. COUPONS. No matter the coupon it’s time to come up with a system that keeps them out of your kitchen. Go ahead and discard the expired ones, and cut out the remaining ones you intend to use the second you bring them in from the mailbox. Put those coupons in a bag in your purse and don’t ever let them take up counter space again.

42. PHONE CHARGERS. It’s tempting to charge your phones in the kitchen. But just imagine if you were to put the phone charger somewhere else in your home. You would never have to see the plug or the phone on the kitchen counters again! Try relocating your charging station and see how it feels.

43. SPARE DRINKING GLASSES. Try to only keep full sets. If a spare drinking glass lingers from a past set let it go.

44. POT & PAN LIDS. How many burners do you have on your stove? 4-5? You might be able to use the same lid for multiple pots & pans! So keep the 4-5 and declutter the rest if you can!

45. CROCK-POT LINERS & COOKING BAGS. If these aren’t being used anymore then declutter from your kitchen immediately. Don’t keep them out of guilt because you spent money on them.

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46. SINGLE-USE ITEMS. Think about the bulky designated popcorn bowl that says popcorn on the side. In reality, you can put popcorn in any other bowl you have! Or how about the chopper that cuts up stuff for salsas? Can’t you just press pulse a few times on your blender? There are quite a few of these items we have in our kitchens that are supposed to be used for one purpose. If you have an alternative, then let these single-use items go!

47. ANYTHING IN UNREACHABLE CABINETS. You know the ones I’m talking about. The half-sized cabinets above the fridge or microwave. Chances are whatever you keep in these unreachable cabinets are probably items you do not need. Be honest with yourself. If you can’t tell me what’s in there without looking, do you even need it?

48. KITCHEN DECORATIONS. Do you have hanging faux plants, wall art, or figurines you’ve used to decorate your kitchen for years? Take some of these items down and give your kitchen some much-deserved breathing room.

49. GROCERY BAGS. If you store plastic or re-useable grocery bags in your kitchen it might be time to declutter to only what you need and will use. Recycle the rest.

50. YOUR RECIPES. Do you have a recipe box or a container filled with ripped-out magazine articles or printed recipes? It’s time to get organized! Clean out your recipe box and find a better organizing method to make meal preparation simple and quick!

You’ve made it! Congratulations on completing the first 50 things to declutter from your kitchen list. We hope you enjoyed this article as much as we loved writing it for you and that, with a little help from these kitchen decluttering ideas, your home will be clutter free in no time at all.

Don’t forget to share this blog post with those who may need some inspiration – thank you so much for reading!

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