To say I am obsessed with decluttering and organizing would be an understatement. For most people these things are chores to put off for another day, for me it’s what I can’t wait to get my hands on!

the early years…

Do you remember the fragrance White Diamonds? Well when I was only 10 years old, my grandma let me have her tiny fragrant collection of White Diamonds. The bottles were super tiny and all had a different colored “diamonds” embellishing the front of the bottle. There must have been about twelve of these bad boys.

My sweet little 10 year old self, would re-organize these bottles in my room over and over again. I would color code and create beautiful displays until they were just right!

That was the first time I knew that organizing was just in my blood. Instead of playing with toys I would organize my toys…

jump to adolescence…

I was the only teenager I knew that would spend weekends re-organizing her closet, rearranging kick knacks, and move around furniture.

This habit would often spill into the kitchen pantry, bathroom cabinets, and then our home decor.

I clearly remember the sense of accomplishment I felt when something was organized. I would be so excited for my family to come home so I could show them how I re-organized the DVD’s alphabetically, by genre, and then by color…

into the adult years…

I’ve always liked organizing, but then I really started to fall in love with decluttering. You don’t feel a need to declutter in your youth, since you don’t have much to declutter. It’s once you get that first apartment and then your first home that you start to “feel” your stuff.

Feeling the mental weight of your physical items is intense. It can be debilitating, it can cause unnecessary stress and material possessions should not have that much power over our psyche.

That was a feeling I knew I never wanted to feel again, so I purged and I purged, until the only thing left was only what was necessary to me.

In so doing, I regained control over my life and this feeling is just too good to keep all to myself. That’s how Lady Decluttered was born.

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Learn to overcome the mental struggles that stop you from decluttering & organizing your home.

Learn how to organize every single aspect of your life, not just your home.

Understand more about minimalist & simple living.

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