100 Thoughtful Minimalist Gift Ideas

100 Thoughtful Minimalist Gift Ideas

If you have a special minimalist in your life or you are practicing the art of minimalism yourself, then this minimalist gift ideas list is just for you.

People who embrace minimalism remove all of the excess clutter from their homes and minds. The goal is to enjoy more from life by having less stuff to deal with.

But that’s not to say that people who love minimalism wouldn’t mind getting a gift or two for Christmas! They might just be a little different than traditional materialistic Christmas gifts.

So if you have a few minimalists in your life and don’t know what to get them, do not fear! This list of 100 thoughtful minimalist gift ideas is beyond brilliant!

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If you have a minimalist in your life that is constantly seeking thrilling adventures or has mentioned they wished they would do more exciting things then think about getting them a gift that will push them out of their comfort zone.

01 | Certificate for indoor sky-diving

02 | Tickets to a local theme park

03 | Certificate for indoor rock-climbing

04 | Go-cart racing voucher

05 | Certificate for scuba diving lessons

06 | Season passes to their favorite local sports team

07 | Hot Air Balloon ride gift certificate

08 | Jet ski or boat rental voucher

09 | Zip-Lining tickets

10 | Kayaking trip


If you have a friend or family member that loves fitness and everything health-related then this section is perfect for you! Find unique clutter-free fitness-inspired minimalist gifts.

11 | Hydro-Flask. One of these amazing to-go containers keeps things hot and cold almost all day long and comes with a lifetime warranty so your minimalist friend will only need one in their lifetime.

12 | Barre classes certificate

13 | Private yoga lessons

14 | Gym membership

15 | Personal trainer classes

16 | Gift certificate to their favorite fitness apparel store (Nike, New Balance, Lulu Lemon, etc.)

17 | Pre-paid round of golf at a high-end club

18 | Horse-back riding lessons

19 | Archery range day pass

20 | Gift certificate to a Salt Spa to soothe sore muscles


You cannot go wrong with a consumable gift! Nothing will go to waste when you give a gift where they will enjoy every bite.

21 | A basket of artisanal appetizers, like cheeses, meats, olives, crackers, etc.

22 | A plate of home-baked goods

23 | Fancy olive oils and vinegar

25 | High-quality wines, meads, beers, or liquor

26 | Subscription to a fresh food delivery service

27 | Voucher for a wine tasting tour

28 | Certificate for a baking or cooking class

29 | Tickets to a local brewery tour and tasting

30 | Homemade jams & fruit butters


If you have a minimalist friend or family member that spends more time on their phone than anyone you know why not think about clutter-free gifts that can enhance their experience?

31 | A monthly subscription to Spotify

32 | Play store gift card for App purchases

33 | A set of high-quality wireless headphones

34 | Phone case that acts as a wallet

35 | Playstation or Xbox gift card to buy games online in the network

36 | Subscribe to Audible on Amazon so they can purchase and download as many ebooks as they like

37 | Pay for one year of the Amazon Prime membership so they can reap the benefits

38 | Pay for Sirius Radio for their car

39 | iTunes gift card

40 | Pop Socket for their phone


If your minimalist loves the outdoors then time to think of a few gifts that will allow them to spend some much-needed quality time with nature.

41 | Season pass to local hiking spots

42 | A planned camping trip

43 | All expenses paid “Glamping” trip

44 | Built a BBQ pit in their backyard

45 | Outdoor family photoshoot with a real photographer

46 | All-in-one cooking utensil set for camping

47 | A hammock small enough to fit in a pocket

48 | Water filtration straw

49 | Picnic backpack

50 | Window mount bird feeder to bring the outdoors to them

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People love to grow their own food and survive off what they can create. Here are some seriously clever gift ideas for the self-sustained minimalist.

51 | Seed starting kit for cold winter places

52 | Rare seeds for unique fruits and vegetables

53 | Voucher to visit a local bee farm

54 | At home mead making kit, make honeyed wine at home

55 | Beer brewing kit, learn to make your own beer

56 | Book or ebook on how to garden

57 | Essential oils. Can be used to make dozens of at-home products

58 | Pay for a farming & gardening class

59 | Soap-making kit

60 | Mason jars (this is one physical gift a minimalist wouldn’t mind having!)


Some people just have a natural attraction to all things earthy. Recycled materials and connections towards a spiritual level are just a few gift ideas earthy people would love.

61 | Voucher for a Psychic or palm reading

62 | Recycled candles

63 | Tarot card set

64 | Plot at a community garden

65 | Charitable donation in their name

66 | DNA at-home testing kit

67 | Buy them a star map on a specific special day of theirs. (Birthday, anniversary, etc.)

68 | A planned road trip

69 | Picnic in a beautiful local park

70 | Hike at the beach or at a lake


Kids get overwhelmed with gifts during the holidays. Why not stand out from the normal gift and provide them with a unique minimalist gift they will never forget.

71 | Season pass to a local zoo or aquarium

72 | Gift certificate for a local theme park, mini-golf, or another activity they would enjoy

73 | Magazine subscription where they can recycle or donate the magazine after

75 | Voucher for lessons they would love. Swimming, coaching, music, etc.

76 | Concert tickets to one of their favorite bands

77 | Pottery class

78 | Batting cage tickets

79 | Gift certificate to their favorite place to eat

80 | An instrument


We all know that person that would rather get lost in a book on a Friday night than go out. Here are a few gift ideas that will be the perfect balance for this type of minimalist.

81 | Monthly subscription to their favorite magazine

82 | Unique bath salts

83 | Gift card for ebook downloads for Kindle or Audible

84 | Certificate for a massage or facial for one

85 | Monthly subscription for meal delivery

86 | Projector to watch movies at home

87 | Art & Wine night at home with close friends

88 | Monthly subscription to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.

89 | Tickets to what they actually enjoy, Museum, nature center, symphony, movies

90 | Subscription boxes for what they like the most. Books, cooking, etc.


Couple gifts can be super fun to create and give, but when your dealing with a minimalist couple finding just the right gift may take some extra thinking.

91 | Certificate for a couples massage

92 | Voucher to rent beach cruisers for a leisurely bike ride

93 | Gift certificate to their favorite restaurant

94 | Two movie tickets for date night

95 | An offer to babysit or petsit

96 | Cruise tickets

97 | Lessons for something they both would enjoy

98 | Gift card for Amazon movie rentals

99 | Omaha Steak box

100 | One-day boat rental at your local lake

Minimalist gifts can still be just as wonderfully thoughtful as traditional physical gifts.

I’m sure you’re starting to re-think your gift-giving ideas even for those who are not so minimalist in your life! I don’t blame you, these gifts are pretty amazing!

Happy Holidays & Happy Decluttering!

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