50 Ways to Declutter and Organize Your Home

50 Ways to Declutter and Organize Your Home

When we need to declutter and organize our home it can feel incredibly overwhelming.

Luckily, there are so many clever ways you can declutter and organize your home that can transform it for good!

So what are you waiting for? Do not let your material possessions dominate your home another second. Check out the following 50 ways to declutter and organize your entire home

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  1. Start decluttering like items versus room by room. Declutter all the books in the house at one time or all of the clothes at one time.
  2. Clean as you go. Don’t double your workload by having to backtrack to clean.
  3. Buy matching containers, labels, and bins.
  4. Sort your items by zones. All of the games on this shelf and all of the baking supplies in this cupboard, etc.
  5. Use cardboard or wood to custom create drawer organizing inserts.
  6. Utilize the inside of the cupboard door. Hang measuring cups and spoons or hang the lids from pots and pans.
  7. Use pegboard in unexpected places. Use to hold craft supplies, use in the garage, use in a closet.
  8. Use clear jars for organizing small things. Clothing pins, cotton swabs, laundry pods, etc.
  9. Remove duplicates. Leave yourself with just one black tank top, one bottle of lotion, one hairbrush, etc.
  10. Get matching containers for kitchen spices.
  11. Color code your storage totes. Green for Christmas, black for Halloween, blue for misc.
  12. Get a shower corner caddy. Keep all bottles on one shelving unit and be able to clean the shower with ease.
  13. Clear the kitchen countertops. Remove everything off the counters except for the everyday use items, like the coffee maker.
  14. Clear the bathroom countertops. Remove everything except for a soap dispenser.
  15. Create a command center. A place to keep family organized and paper mail clutter organized.
  16. Create a home entryway. A visually pleasing place for all shoes, keys, purses, and backpacks to have a place of their own.
  17. Get a bar cart. Find a place to keep all of your favorites drinks, glasses, mixers, etc. in one place for easy entertaining.
  18. Use boxes to store cords. Wherever there is a mangled cord mess, use a box or bin to keep all cords out of sight.
  19. Create multiple phone charging stations. Dedicate out of sight places to plug in phones without moving the charger from outlet to outlet.
  20. Store sheets inside their pillowcases.
  21. Organize your cleaning supplies by how you use them. Use a bucket or a caddy to put everything you would need to clean the bathrooms or dusting for example. Pull out the caddy and know you will have everything you need for your cleaning session.
  22. Organize pantry staples in clear containers. Easier to find and can quickly identify what you may need at the store.
  23. Use shower curtain hooks in the closet. Hang belts, scarves, jeans by the loop, and even shoes to keep everything out in the open.
  24. Remote control box. Find something with a lid you can use to hide all remotes when not in use.
  25. Use stackable containers. Don’t waste vertical space. Use in the fridge for fresh produce. Use in the pantry for potatoes or snacks.
  26. Magazine holders. Not just for magazines! Use them to declutter and organize other things, such as curling irons, produce, crafting supplies, etc.
  27. Use it or lose it. Inconspicuously tag items you are unsure if you want to part with. Check back in a month, if you have not used it, thought about, or care about it, time to let it go.50 Clever Ways to Declutter
  28. Gift wrap storage. Find a place in the home where you can find everything you need in one spot. Ribbon, tape, scissors, etc.
  29. Vertically store your clothes in your dresser drawer. Instead of stacking and only being able to see what is on top, by placing all items vertically, you will be able to see every item at once.
  30. Use paper towel holders like you never have before. Use to stack bracelets, watches, ribbon spools, etc.
  31. Cover wire racks. If you have wire shelving for your pantry or your closets, use foam core wrapped in contact paper to create a clean look.
  32. Reuse shoe boxes. Organize the inside of drawers with old shoe boxes. Wrap them in contact paper for better visual appeal.
  33. Utilize unused spaces. Add corner shelving to areas where you can use more space, Add shelves above doors. Add over the toilet cabinets. Use risers in cupboards to use the vertical space.
  34. Invest in a lazy Susan. No more wasted space in the far corners of your cabinets.
  35. Don’t be afraid of blank space. If you have blank space on a dresser, on a wall, or in the pantry, do not try to fill with something, just let it be blank and enjoy the extra space.
  36. Reduce your office supplies. Declutter and organize your office supplies by only keeping one pad of paper, a few pens, your favorite color highlighter, one pad of sticky notes, etc. If you use these items regularly then keep a larger supply of the most used items only.
  37. Two shower rods. One for your curtain and one for hanging baskets to be a catch-all for shower essentials.
  38. Create a donation box. Have a bin in a closet or a garage that is always there for you and your family to place items they wish to donate. Donate at the end of every month.
  39. Install shelving for the garage. Instead of placing 10 totes on top of each other create shelving to easily access all bins and items when needed.
  40. Reconsider your furniture. We get attached to our furniture and sometimes we overfill our homes. Consider selling or donating an old cabinet that collects clutter, or maybe an extra chair in the corner that just collects purses and coats.
  41. Get matching clothing hangers.
  42. Use the hanger method. Turn all of your clothes on their hanger in the opposite direction on the rod. As you use a piece of clothing turn the hanger the correct way. Whatever hasn’t turned after a month or 6 months, time to let that piece go.
  43. Put away summer and winter clothing. Use large plastic vacuum-sealed garment bags to store your winter or summer clothes when not in season to make room in your closet.
  44. Do not fear the capsule wardrobe. You do not need a closet filled with clothes to have something to wear. Start practicing the thought of buying fewer higher quality and better fitting neutral clothes that you will wear over and over.
  45. Use hooks for everything. Hooks are inexpensive and are easily installed throughout the home for coats, purses, backpacks, tote bags, scarves, towels, belts, etc.
  46. Try only having two sets. Two sets of sheets per bed. Two sets of towels per person. Two sets of flip-flops. Two sets of the same kitchen utensil.
  47. Tension rods. Use tension rods inside cabinets for sheet pan organization, or under the kitchen sink to help store chemicals, etc.
  48. Let go of hobbies you do not do anymore. If you used to scrapbook but haven’t scrapbooked in a few years, consider letting the hobby go. Sell what items you still have or donate. If you ever want to pick up that hobby again, you probably would end up purchasing new modern items anyways.
  49. Declutter your digital life. Take a day to completely purge your phone, tablet, and computer. Discard bad photos and organize the kept ones in categories. Delete old PDF downloads, old texts, unused apps, irrelevant word documents. Lastly, unsubscribe from all email subscriptions that don’t serve you.
  50. Recipes for success. Do you like to look at vintage handwritten recipes cards out of a box, or have all of your recipes available online and have your tablet read you the next step? Find what works and declutter and organize all of your recipes.

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Is it very easy to keep filling your sanctuary with more clutter so remember for every new item you bring into your home you should remove an old item in its place.

Use these tips to declutter and organize your home for good!

Happy Decluttering!

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