How to Declutter Your Bedroom

How to Declutter Your Bedroom

Figuring out how to declutter your bedroom seems easy enough, until your staring at the mess right in the face. There might be more obstacles than you think when it comes to getting your bedroom organized, but I promise the end result is worth the effort.

Needless to say your reading this because you’re trying to get inspired to finally tackle your bedroom.

You have been staring at the piles of clutter and the bare mattress (that sheet just won’t stay on will it?) for far too long now.

Well, you know what? You deserve to have a clutter-free bedroom. You deserve to have a place to relax and a place to unwind from your hectic day.

I am also glad to mention that decluttering and organizing your bedroom might not be as difficult as you think.

Often, we think a task will take us way longer than it actually does. I promise you that you can transform your messy bedroom into a clean organized one in just a single day.

That’s not too bad right?

Just one day to finally have your dream bedroom. Before you begin the easy to follow steps below for decluttering your bedroom, think about what you want from your space.

Are you looking for the perfect bedroom for sleep and relaxation?

Do you need a hybrid bedroom, where you carve out an office, exercise area, or reading nook?

Once you get a clear vision of what you need from your bedroom you will then be able to make better and more obvious decisions about your clutter.

When facing a difficult decluttering challenge ask yourself, “does this fit what I’m trying to do in for this bedroom?”

If the answer is no, then move it, donate it, or sell it.

Before you begin, make sure to grab a few trash bags for items you wish to donate, sell, or well trash!

If you are ready to get started then keep on reading, I will walk you through this simple process every step of the way.

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Well, that’s a pretty obvious step one. You need to declutter your bedroom before you can organize it. Before you really dig deep into decluttering just start with the four following steps.

  1. Remove trash
  2. Pick up any dirty clothes and put in the hamper
  3. Pick up any clean clothes on the floor and hang back up
  4. Take items that do not belong in the bedroom back to their rightful place

Those are the easiest things to declutter. Tackle these first to make some headway.

Now on to decluttering your personal stuff.

Just simply walk through your bedroom door, stop, and turn your head to the right.

Whatever you see first is what you are decluttering first. Could be your dresser, your closet, your nightstand, whatever it is that is what you declutter.

Once you finish that one area, you keep moving on to the right to the next area until you make it fully around the room.

This tactic will allow you to stay focused on one area and not get distracted jumping from place to place.

Don’t forget to scan the walls as well, can any hanging pictures go? If you’re overwhelmed with your bedroom, sometimes removing a few hanging pictures can help create the illusion of more space which in return will give you more headspace.


Now that you have a clear direction, literally, of where to declutter in your bedroom it is time to make some difficult choices.

Depending on the area here is some advice to help you decide what goes and what stays.


  • If you cannot easily close the dresser drawers you have too many things and need to purge more.
  • Do not keep tons of pajama sets, keep the favorites, ditch the ones you always grab last.
  • Ripped, stained, and torn socks, underwear, and bras need to go.
  • Try to only keep clothing items in your dresser, unless it has a completely different purpose from being a clothing dresser.
  • Keep the top of your dresser clutter free. Use decorative bins as storage to keep unsightly items… well… out of sight!


  • If your decorative pillows spend more time on the floor than the bed, get rid of them. Two regular pillows look clean and are easier to manage.
  • Replace wild bedding with more neutral choices to soften your bedroom. Duvet covers can cover your existing comforter for cheap.
  • Take everything out from under the bed and try to aim for keeping nothing there. If space is an issue and you need to store things underneath, try a rollout storage container to keep things organized.


  • Only keep what you really need at arms reach. Anything you are storing here just because, needs to find a new home.
  • If your nightstand does not have a drawer think about finding a bin, box, or organizer that will work well with the bedroom decor.
  • Is your nightstand is a constant catch-all for clutter, maybe you should get rid of it. I know that sounds extreme but you will surprise yourself with how easily you find new homes for all those little items.


  • If you cannot easily move your hangers apart to see your clothing, you have too much. Limit yourself to a certain amount of hangers to help you to remember to donate clothes when you run out of hanger space.
  • Small closet? Pack away seasonal clothing in garment bags and switch out with the seasons.
  • Limit your duplicates. Keep only the best fitting of one sort of item, and let the other copies go.


After you declutter your bedroom there is still the issue of getting it organized.

Just like the method before walk into your bedroom, stop, turn your head to the right and that is where you start. Keep working in this pattern until you have worked yourself all the way around your bedroom.


If you have not heard of the Marie Kondo way of folding clothes, it really does do the trick for dressers. Fold all clothes and line them up in rows instead of folding and stacking on top of each other.

Get drawer inserts to help separate the undies, socks, and bras. Nothing will be more satisfying then opening up a perfectly organized dresser.

Go the extra mile and color coordinate your dresser drawers.


If you have any of the above try to use decorative storage bins to hide the not so attractive items such as tissues boxes, headphones, loose change, etc.

Use matching containers to help unify a cluttered area. A row of matching bins on the bookcase might be what it needs to finally overcome the messiness.

Drawer organizing inserts can instantly make a nightstand drawer less of a nightmare.

Don’t be afraid to have a minimalist outlook when it comes to any surfaces, pictures, or decor in your bedroom. Less visually stimuli scattered around the bedroom will help you truly relax.

Why do you think we enjoy hotels so much? There just isn’t much around to distract you, so you can actually unwind. Treat your bedroom like a hotel room, because sometimes less is more.


There is a secret formula for having an organized closet.

Match your hangers. Group clothing by style. Color coordinate.

Keep up with these three things and your closet will always look tailored and organized.

Get matching bins to line your closet shelves, preferably with lids so you can stack and double the storage. These bins are great places for accessories, out of season clothing, or misc. items you need throughout the year.

Get everything off the floor. Get shoes on a rack, move anything that doesn’t belong in the closet elsewhere, and get things organized on your closet shelving.

Hang hooks for clothes that need to be rehung but you haven’t had the time yet. Better on a hook in the closet then scattered all over the bedroom floor.


The reason why getting things clutter-free and keeping things clutter free can be so hard is that we do not love the space.

When you love something you tend to take better care of it. The same concept can go for your bedroom.

If even after decluttering and organizing you still don’t love your bedroom, more than likely you won’t keep it organized.

With that being said, you already came this far with decluttering your bedroom why not go the extra step and make some decorative changes that might help you keep it clutter-free.

Try a new paint color, update your bedding, paint your furniture, replace that chair, or incorporate some air purifying and easy to care for plants!

From small changes to big ones, once you fall in love with your bedroom maintaining it will be not just easy but enjoyable.

When you declutter your bedroom you are carving out one very important piece of your home for yourself.

We often neglect our bedrooms because we find ourselves getting ready for the day and closing the door.

Once you have managed to transform your messy bedroom in a clean, organized, and clutter-free bedroom that you love, I promise you will never want to close that door again.

Happy Decluttering!

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  1. I like the idea of looking to your right and staying on that path. I go into a room and just stand there wondering where to start. Then I’m jumping from spot to spot not really accomplishing much. I am going to give this method a try today. Thank you for this updated take on organizing your organizing!

  2. You are so welcome Stefanie! I still sometimes find myself all over the place cleaning and decluttering then at a certain point I almost lock myself into one room until I know I am finished there before I move on. Let me know how it works out for you!

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