10 Summer Decluttering Ideas for Your Home

10 Summer Decluttering Ideas for Your Home

Summer is the perfect time to declutter. You have more time, you feel more relaxed, and in the comfort of air conditioning and a tropical drink in hand, what better time to hop on board with some of these clever summer decluttering ideas!

Summer is one of those times of the year when people slow down to enjoy themselves. We hustle all year long, prep for the holidays, and then take a much-needed break to slow down and smell the sunscreen.

I know that the idea of decluttering your home seems more like a Spring activity, but in reality, you can declutter any time of the year!

Summer decluttering might be exactly what you need to make sure your home stays chaos free as the sandy flip flops and wet towels invade your home!

If you’re wondering what you should focus your decluttering efforts on this summer then buckle up because these 10 summer decluttering ideas are brilliant!

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Summertime brings out the kid in everybody! What a perfect time to declutter and organize all of the games in the home. From outdoor toys, video games, and board games, really ask yourself if you or anyone in your household will use any of them this year?

Still hesitant about getting rid of your Chinese checkers? Give you and your family a deadline to play any game you do not know if you want to part with. If not one has played by the end of summer, then it’s safe to donate them for good!


Summer months mean more outdoor barbecuing and less oven baking! Take this opportunity to declutter and organize all of your bake-ware. Glass dishes, pots, pans, lids, muffin tins, baking sheets, etc. Only keep the minimum needed to cook and bake.


Home entryways, whether from the garage or the front door become a catchall for all things entering your home. Purses, shoes, jackets, keys, etc. If yours is still a disorganized nightmare, then summer may be the perfect time to get it all organized. Not sure how to get this space organized here are some clever tips you may need to get started!

01 | Add a thin entryway table. Use yours for storage bins and baskets for keys and to-go items like umbrellas.

02 | Add some hooks. Simple enough a few cleverly placed hooks may be all you need to keep jackets, purses, and bags off the floor.

03 | Get a wall-mounted organizer. Instead of that handful of mail making its way to sit on the kitchen counter for two days, automatically stuff it into a wall-mounted organizer to deal with a different day.


Why is summer such a smart time of the year to declutter your art and craft supplies? Because it can reignite you and your family’s creative bug by pulling out all of the supplies to look through! After deciding what needs to be thrown out or donated, you will be left with a dozen fun art project ideas you’ve been meaning to do. With summer here, you finally may have the time to do them!

Remember if you’re having trouble parting with any supplies give yourself a deadline. If no one uses anything by the deadline then it’s safe to donate.


Need to escape the heat? Give yourself a fun day project of going down memory lane! Bring out all of your photos and decide which ones can be thrown away (duplicates, a picture of a sunset, another picture of a sunset…).

Do not forget to look at your walls to see if any photos you have hanging need to come down or would look better with an updated picture.

This is also a great time to organize all of your digital photos. Upload to the cloud, Amazon photos, or whatever you use to store your photos. Go the extra mile and organize your photos online in albums.

Vow to upload your photos from your phone once a month to avoid the possibility of losing them all!

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Pull out everything and give your fridge and freezer the deep clean it deserves! Double-check all expiration dates and say goodbye to anything you keep holding onto that you never will eat.

Decluttering your fridge and freezer is the easy part. The harder part is coming up with a better organizational system that will help them stay organized longer. Check out some of these super inspiring ways to organize your fridge to spark your desire to try something different!


Have you ever tried to declutter your summer clothes in the dead of winter? It is not easy! That’s why it is smartest to wait to declutter your wardrobe for the season you are currently in. So now is the time to declutter tank tops, dresses, shorts, bathing suits, flip flops, sandals, hats, etc.

If you are having trouble decluttering your summer clothes give yourself a end of the season deadline. If you do not wear it once by the end of Summer, then go ahead and donate it!


Linen closets are one of those chores we like to put off again and again. Well, if it’s a scorcher outside then you may want to stay inside the air conditioning and finally tackle this project. Remember some of these tips when decluttering and organizing your linen closet.

01 | Only keep one extra set of anything. That means one extra sheet set per bed. One extra towel set per bathroom. Etc. Anything more than that is too much. Think about it. As one set is being laundered you have another set ready to take its place. Even if you don’t do laundry for a few days you won’t need it ready to be replaced right away. It’s the perfect balance for your home.

02 | Decide what you need your linen closet to be. For some, it’s just linens, for many its board games, cleaning supplies, bulk toilet paper, the humidifier, among other random things. If you’ve always wanted a clean simple linen closet filled with just linens then make it so! Find new homes for everything else in there. If it’s a place for various random things then get it organized with simplistic matching bins and containers.

03 | Don’t be afraid to label it! Label each shelf with what should go on it or label each container or bin you have with its contents to make putting things away super simple for everyone in your home.


Pull out every single product you have in your bathroom(s) and group it. Sunscreens, lotions, perfume, makeup, etc. If you have a lot of duplicates (lotion addict here!) then you know what you do not need more of so stop buying more!

The idea is to start using what you got and tossing what you don’t. Doing so will make organizing what you keep so much easier. Here are some pro tips for how to handle your bathroom toiletries.

01 | Sample-sized items. Use them. Toss them. Or store them with a travel bag for future trips. Whatever you do, get them out of your bathroom!

02 | Group like items together under your cabinet instead of mixing everything. Get bins with lids that can stack and label what’s in them for easy organizing.

03 | Be smarter with how you store things. Remove anything you can out of unneeded bulky packaging. Get a magnetic pallet and take all of your powdered makeup like blushes and eye shadows and keep it in one pallet to save tons of space.

04 | Put a deadline on it! If you haven’t used something in your bathroom by a certain deadline you gave yourself you might never use it. Use that power to let it go.


For one entire summer month, vow to declutter one piece of misc. home decor a day. The reason for the tip to declutter something like this slowly is that decluttering home decor is hard. These items provide you with something meaningful at one point.

Whether it’s a vase from a thrift store or a wall hanging you’ve had for decades, we put value into our material possessions. To be honest that is perfectly OK! What is not OK is finding yourself living in quiet misery overwhelmed by your stuff but feeling too much guilt to do anything about it!

So the easiest way to tackle home decor is by removing one thing a day into a box to donate by the end of the month. This is a guilt-free way to declutter your home slowly. If you find yourself missing the item you removed the other day then put it back! No harm done.

By the end of the month if you never had the urge to put something back into the home that you removed then it’s safe to donate and you have finally set yourself free.

These 10 Summer Decluttering ideas hopefully have inspired you to declutter and organize your home just a little bit more this season!

Happy Decluttering!

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