25 Things to Declutter From Your Kitchen + a Free Checklist!

25 Things to Declutter From Your Kitchen + a Free Checklist!

Are you a little overwhelmed with what you should declutter from your kitchen? Simplify this process by decluttering these 25 things guilt free to get the ball rolling!

When you begin to declutter & organize an overwhelming area the easiest thing you can do is to remove the obvious, the broken, & the rarely used items. Once you start this cycle it will just get easier & easier to continue on decluttering, even the hard stuff!

Trust me! This method of decluttering won’t disappoint you. Even if you couldn’t continue on decluttering your kitchen you still will have decluttered 25 things. That could be a trash bag or two, out of your kitchen and out of your life!

Even the smallest bit of progress is progress.

So, how do you get started with decluttering kitchen?

  1. Be realistic. We keep a lot things in our kitchens that we rarely use or know deep down we will never use. It’s OK to be realistic with yourself & simplify your life in the process by letting the ice cream maker go.
  2. Clean up the kitchen. Before you start to declutter from your kitchen, clean it up. Nothing will make more of a mess then decluttering your kitchen, while its messy.
  3. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Avoid pulling everything out of the cupboards & drawers all at once. It will overwhelm you and the decluttering process will go so much slower.
  4. Stop with the spares. We collect dozens of duplicate items in the kitchens. Go for a slightly more manageable collection that won’t overcrowd the cupboards.
  5. Invest in some organizational products. Organizing containers are definitely in trend right now, but honestly, for good reason. They can make food last longer, compartmentalize awkward spaces, & help create a sense of order for easy maintenance. Even a few bins from the dollar store can make a world of difference.

Still overwhelmed with what to declutter from your kitchen? This list of 25 things is the perfect and easy first step!

Don’t forgot to print out your free printable kitchen checklist at the end of this article!

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01 | MISMATCHED DRINKING CUPS. Find one set that works for you and let go of the odd ball drinkware that collects dust in your kitchen.

02 | CHIPPED CERAMIC. Whether it’s bowls, plates, or platters chipped ceramic can continue to chip away into your food! It’s not worth holding onto.

03 | DUPLICATE SETS OF DISHES. Choose one full set that is neutral and could serve as many people as you need it to. Less is more.

04 | EXTRA COOKING UTENSILS. It’s great to have a few spatulas, or wooden spoons on hand, but when you have so many there may be some you don’t even use, let those duplicates go.

05 | RARELY USED SERVING DISHES & PLATTERS. If you never bring them out for events, be realistic with yourself. If you haven’t used any of them in the last few years, will you ever? Worst case scenario you get rid of them, and you host an event what would find something else to use to serve food in.

06 | GIANT COFFEE CUP COLLECTION. Coffee mugs can be very fun to collect but when the collection starts to overwhelm you it’s time to let some go. Dig deep in the back for mugs you rarely use and donate them.

07 | SMALL APPLIANCES. If small kitchen appliances are creating a storage problem it might be time to declutter one or more of them you don’t use. Think about how often you’ve used it and what you would do if you didn’t have the item anymore. If it’s an easy fix, then it should be easy to let go of the appliance.

08 | POT HOLDERS. In all honesty you should never need more than two sets. If one set gets dirty & has to be washed you have a spare set to use in it’s place. Any more than that it unnecessary.

09 | POTS & PANS. This varies on how you personally cook, but if you have more than three frying pans and sauce pans, then you might have too many. Think about your burners on your stove. In most kitchens you only got four you can use at a time!

10 | MISMATCHED SILVERWARE. It’s odd how many times stray silverware makes it into your kitchen drawer. If you keep your set the same you can control the inventory. Another rule of thumb for silverware control is how stuffed the silverware organizer is. If they are overflowing into each others slot, then you might have too much.

11 | CONDIMENT PACKETS. They do go bad very quickly. If you haven’t checked on your condiments packets in a while you might notice the ketchup isn’t so red anymore! If you still like having these extras on hand, designate a small bin for them and purge once a month.

12 | RUSTED ITEMS. Cookie sheet pans, kitchen knives, tea kettles, can all develop rust. If you don’t maintenance these items well they may just have to be replaced. If that’s the case, remove the old rusted version.

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13 | PLASTIC FOOD CONTAINERS. Designate a small area for your Tupperware , whatever fit can stay. The only ones that stay have a matching lid, are not food stained, or have calcium build up.

14 | RARELY USED GADGETS & UTENSILS. Pineapple corer, apple slice press, mini salsa chopper? If you don’t use these gadgets then let them go. There is nothing wrong with using old school methods that provide the same results without the use of the kitchen gadget.

15 | SPICES & SEASONINGS. Believe it or not but they do eventually expire! Or at least loose their flavor. Simplify your life by only keeping the spices you use. Everything else doesn’t need to be taking up space in your kitchen.

16 | FOOD NO ONE TOUCHES. We all have a can of this or a box of that, that always stays in the pantry. Year after year, purge after purge. Food back stock is a great concept for emergencies, but you are better off creating an emergency food supply in a sealed container somewhere else and use your pantry for what you actually like to eat.

17 | OLD BAKING SUPPLIES. How old is that cocoa powder or those sprinkles? If you rarely bake but keep a lot of ingredients or supplies, re-evaluate that decision. Reflect on what you’ve baked in the last year or two. If it’s not birthday cakes, then let go of the ancient sprinkles.

18 | BULKY PACKAGING. It’s unfortunate how much cardboard & plastic is wasted just packaging products. Not to mention they can be really bulky. Eliminate the bulk by taking things out of their packaging when ever you can.

19 | DISH TOWELS. Un-crowd the drawer by only keep the few you would need. Think about a typical week in between laundry how many do you go through? That’s your number to keep, anything more can be decluttered from your kitchen.

20 | GROCERY BAGS. If you store plastic bags, get a holder and only fill to that point. Anything more can usually be recycled at your local grocery store. If you have a lot of re-useable bags then keep them neat and organized in designated section. Get rid of any that don’t fit in your new organization system.

21 | THE OUTSIDE OF THE FRIDGE. The fridge can be an easy place to store items on top and with magnets on the outside. If you want a cleaner look to your kitchen, ditch the fridge clutter.

22 | RE-USEABLE WATER BOTTLES. They sure do come in handy but they are hard to store. Two per family member might be a great solution. As one is being used, the other one can be washed.

23 | COOKBOOKS. If you always use your phone for recipes, then maybe its time to donate any cookbooks that are collecting dust.

24 | CLEANING SUPPLIES. If under the kitchen sink it getting overstuffed then it’s time to safely discard of old and rarely used cleaning supplies. Switch to an all purpose cleaner to reduce how many varieties of cleaners you need. Bathroom cleaning supplies could be moved to the bathroom to free up space.

25 | THE JUNK DRAWER. We all have one, and it usually ends up in the kitchen. Junk drawers can still be useful & practical as long as they are organized. Take everything out, if anything has a different home in the house then move it back there. Anything left, categorize, and add some organizing bins to help zone out your categories. Remind yourself that anything with major duplicates could be decluttered down to just a few. Just because you have 50 pens, doesn’t mean you have to keep all 50 pens.

These 25 things you declutter from your kitchen will help kick start the motivation to keep going! The kitchen can be an overwhelming place to declutter & organize but it is well worth the effort.

Grab your free printable kitchen declutter checklist below and get started today!

Happy Decluttering!

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  1. Thank you for your tips! I just realized that I have to do 24/25 things from your list! I didn’t even realize that I am such a mess 😀
    P. S. Your blog is like a paradise. Whenever I come I feel so calm and peaceful

  2. Thank you Mona! Hope your kitchen feels a little bit more like paradise after you’ve finished decluttering. It’s worth it!

  3. Hi. I have read a lot of blogs on how to declutter but this tops them all! Really good, useful ways of doing a difficult thing. Thank you, i will definately be rereading this for reminders and tips. Sue

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