31 Days of Simple Halloween Activities

31 Days of Simple Halloween Activities

Halloween activities don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. In fact there are dozens of simple and fun Halloween activities you can plan to do this year!

If you just love Halloween but can’t think of new festive things to do then you have made it to the right place! These 31 simple and fun Halloween activities are perfect for anyone.

Whether you have kids, a significant other, or are enjoying the single life there are so many more memories you can make that don’t include the traditional Halloween party or trick-or-treating. From low-key introverted activities to high energy evenings of fun all of these Halloween activities have something in common.

They are so simple!

Simple means they are easy to do, easy to afford, and are sure to guarantee a fun filled time! Think of these 31 Days of Halloween activities as a bucket list for the month.

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01 | Go Halloween book hunting.

Simple Halloween activities; pumpkin on top of three black books.

Hit up a local book store and look for some fun and spooky Halloween themed books to read for the month.

02 | Have a Halloween outdoor decorations scavenger hunt.

Simple Halloween activities; mini plastic pumpkins and Halloween lights in a tree branch.

Much like Christmas, a lot of people decorate their yards for Halloween. Print out this free Halloween decor scavenger hunt checklist, split up into two cars and make it a contest to see who can find it all first! Celebrate the winner with some sort of fun Halloween treat!

Download the free printable at the bottom of this post for your free Haunted Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

03 | Create a haunted Halloween movie night with friends or family.

Simple Halloween activities; popcorn in a Jack-o-lantern popcorn bucket.

If you’re skipping the traditional Halloween party but still want to enjoy a get together, create a low-key Halloween movie night! Invite some friends or family over, whip up some snacks, and pull out a bunch of pillows and blankets.

04 | Have a Halloween themed food potluck.

Simple Halloween activities; Mummies in a blanket Halloween treats.

A lot of people want to get creative and make some of those amazing Halloween themed foods and desserts. Give everyone the opportunity this year by hosting a Halloween themed pot luck. Let your friends or family show off their mummy wrapped hot dogs and monster cookies.

05 | Make a Halloween decoration.

Simple Halloween activities; Halloween wreath with jack-o-lanterns.

Halloween is a fun time of the year to get a little crafty. Pick a Halloween decoration you want to create and pick an evening to do it! Put on some Halloween themed music or a movie and add to your Halloween decor.

06 | Skip the grocery store pumpkins.

Simple Halloween activities; sun setting on a pumpkin patch.

If you haven’t been to a pumpkin patch in years then it’s time you check one out. Yes the pumpkins are always a little bit more expensive but it sure does make for a fun day. Grab yourself a pumpkin spice cold brew, bundle up, and enjoy a day at the pumpkin patch. Don’t forget to take some cool pictures!

07 | “Boo” your neighbors.

Simple Halloween activities; chalk board with "boo!" on it.

No matter how silly it may seem, the idea of “booing” your neighbors is a way to build a sense of community in an era where we may not talk to our neighbors anymore. Pull together a small basket filled with some fun Halloween treats and surprises, and challenge your neighbor to “boo” someone else. It will be sure to put a smile on their face!

08 | Make a Halloween cocktail.

Simple Halloween activities; orange Halloween martini.

Try something fun you’ve never tried before. Check out some of these fantastic Halloween cocktails ideas!

09 | Have a Halloween camp out in the backyard.

Simple Halloween activities; two girls making smores by a fire.

If it’s not too cold already, have a Halloween camp out in the backyard! Set up a tent, enjoy a fire, and tell some spooky Halloween stories.

10 | Create a Halloween game day.

Simple Halloween activities; bucket of apples for bobbing.

Invite some friends or family over and have a game day. Puzzles, murder mysteries, board games, or outdoor games like bobbing for apples. Break people up into teams for competition or just enjoy a quite puzzle with your loved ones.

11 | Wine & paint night.

Simple Halloween activities; woman drinking wine and painting.

Set up a wine and paint night at your home. The theme of what you paint has to be Halloween related! Make sure to set the ambiance with a spooky charcuteire board and lots of candles.

12 | Have a Halloween inspired photo shoot.

Simple Halloween activities; boy laughing surrounded by pumpkins.

Drive around to spooky places and take interesting Halloween inspired photos. Or maybe you want to do a photo shoot of your kids in their costumes, or you and your significant other, or family photos. You can make it as creative as you want!

13 | Go for a drive.

Simple Halloween activities; windy road surrounded by green and yellow trees.

Pick a nice day to take a drive towards the mountains. Get lost in the trees and maybe stop for lunch or coffee somewhere new.

14 | Write a Halloween short story.

Simple Halloween activities; table top with candles, leaves, and a blank book.

Pour yourself a cup of tea or brew some pumpkin spice coffee and write a short Halloween themed story or poem. Have fun with it! Make it a kids story with illustrations or an adults story hand written in a vintage leather bound journal.

15 | Play the $5 shopping game.

Simple Halloween activities; girl holding shopping bags and a pumpkin.

Give yourself $25 limit and only allow yourself to spend $5 in a store, but it has to be Halloween related. Do this game with a friend or family member! You’ll be surprised how fun it is to have to hunt down the perfect item within your budget. It’s a bit nostalgic from when we were kids with a budget of a few dollars and how exciting it was to find just the right thing to buy.

16 | Have a Halloween bake-off.

Simple Halloween activities; Halloween baking supplies.

Pick a few Halloween treat recipes and invite some friends or family over for a Halloween bake-off. Wrap up treats in goodie bags and take to neighbors, co-workers, and or home-less shelters.

17 | Learn your towns local folk-lore.

Simple Halloween activities; old haunted house in the woods.

Even in the newest of towns there is always a history lesson to learn. Take some time to research and learn more about the history of where you live and the ghosts of the people that used to live there. Most places will have a museum to visit or in some cases of claimed “haunted sites” you can visit for fun!

18 | Bring Disneyland to you.

Simple Halloween activities; Cinderellas castle in Disneyland at nighttime during Halloween.

Can’t afford Disneyland this year during that magical Halloween time? Then bring Disneyland to you! Did you know you can find all the rides’ theme songs online? That’s right! Enjoy The Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones, and The Pirates of the Caribbean’s theme songs in the comfort of your living room! It will instantly make you feel like you’re at Disneyland. Re-create some Disney treats at home and watch a Halloween themed Disney movie, like The Nightmare Before Christmas!

19 | Host a sophisticated Halloween dinner party.

Simple Halloween activities; glass bottles with tapered candles glowing on a table.

If the days of beer pong are behind you and you’re searching for a more sophisticated get together then hosting a dinner party might just be the perfect thing for you. Make it elegant with lots of candles and different courses. Create a murder mystery for the evening, and of course don’t forget those Halloween inspired cocktails!

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20 | Turn thrift store finds into spooky Halloween decor.

A can of black spray paint and some spider web is usually all it takes to take ordinary things and turn them into spooky Halloween decor. Paint old ceramic houses into a haunted Halloween village. Glue eye-balls to old faux flower arrangements. Keep the budget down while creating tons of great new Halloween decor.

21 | Skip pumpkin carving and go for pumpkin decorating.

Simple Halloween activities; pumpkins painted white, silver, and dripped gold.

Don’t get me wrong I still love traditional pumpkin carving, but the truth is it’s so messy and always ends up being more of a chore. There are dozens of great pumpkin decorating ideas that involve no carving. From beautiful to downright scary there is something for everyone.

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22 | Make your own costume this year.

Simple Halloween activities;  Day of the Dead makeup and costume.

No you do not have to be a master seamstress to make your own costume! There are plenty of super creative, easy, and inexpensive costumes you can create with stuff you probably already have at home.

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23 | Plan for a spooky Trick or Treating Halloween night.

Simple Halloween activities; dog with witch hat and sign that says trick or treat.

If you’re passing out candy, why not make it a little more interesting? Set up strobe lights, scary music, create a maze trick-or-treaters have to walk through. The point of the night is to have some scary fun so make your home the place all the kids want to stop at!

24 | Decorate the backyard for Halloween too.

Simple Halloween activities; outdoor wood fence with pumpkin and skeleton decorations.

We all put a lot of energy into decorating our front yards for Halloween, but why not put some extra love into the backyard as well for you to enjoy? Set up some lights and Halloween decor so you can reap the benefits of your hard work!

25 | Exchange Halloween stockings.

Simple Halloween activities; Halloween Christmas stocking.

Just like Christmas morning stockings, start a new tradition of Halloween morning stockings! You can purchase Halloween themed stockings from places like Etsy. Make the day just a little more fun by watching your loved ones enjoy opening up fun Halloween treats and toys out of their very own Halloween stocking!

26 | Participate in a local Halloween event or attraction.

Simple Halloween activities; night train of terror parade float.

There is always something going on locally. Check it all out and see what you may want to do. From Zombie running marathons, Halloween costume contests, festivals, parades, and even special museum events, there is bound to be something fun that you can participate in!

27 | Send Halloween cards to your friends and family.

Simple Halloween activities; Happy Halloween card.

Gone are the days of sending cards, so why not bring back the tradition by sending out a nontraditional Halloween card! Make it yourself, include a photo that you took, a Halloween poem, or simply just say hi! It will be sure to bring a smile to their face.

28 | Go out for Halloween Donuts.

Simple Halloween activities; Halloween donuts.

If you don’t get donuts regularly you’ll learn that in October there are always some fun Halloween donuts to choose from. From orange & yellow sprinkles to full blown jack-0-lantern faces, picking up a dozen on a morning is a super fun and tasty treat for the family.

29 | Have a Halloween hike & picnic.

Simple Halloween activities; fall Halloween inspired picnic.

The weather is cool and there’s no better time to get lost in nature for a day. Pack a picnic with some Halloween themed treats and enjoy a day out in the woods.

30 | Create your own Halloween Carnival.

Simple Halloween activities; kids playing a Halloween carnival game in costumes.

Can’t find one locally? Why not create your very own Halloween carnival?Make it as low-key as you like with a few friends and family, or go all out with games, BBQ, and even psychic readings! There are so many creative DIY carnival games you can create with what you probably already have at home.

31 | Take Halloween day off.

Simple Halloween activities; pumpkin that has the calendar dates October 31st.

If you’ve worked every year on Halloween only to find yourself racing home, running last minute errands, and pulling costumes together without taking a breathe, then this year why not treat yourself by taking the day off! Enjoy the holiday again like you used to. Wake up to a nice pumpkin latte, take a bubble bath a pumpkin scented bath bomb, and make a super fun Halloween dinner before the festivities begin! It’s OK to enjoy the holiday with a sense of relaxation guilt free! You’ve earned it 🙂

Whether you do one or all of these 31 Days of Simple Halloween Activities, you are sure to have a great time this Halloween!

Happy Halloween & Happy Decluttering!

Click below to download your free printable 31 Days of Simple Halloween Activities checklist!

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