13 Things You Should Declutter During Fall

13 Things You Should Declutter During Fall

The same way Spring feels refreshing every year, fall has that very same effect. As the leaves change so do we. We start to open up those windows, get excited for the holidays, and then we realize there are a few things we should declutter during fall…

The main reason why you should consider decluttering during fall is that the holidays are a whirlwind.

On top of work and normal daily responsibilities we also cram in social events, baking, shopping, games, and activities. All fun things but they also can create stress and no one wants to feel overwhelmed during the holidays.

So learning to declutter during fall may just be the answer you’ve been seeking in regards to having a stress-free holiday season.

Fall is the perfect time of the year to declutter your life and home. The weather has finally cooled, you can air out your home before the chill of winter approaches, and let’s face it if you have kids, they’re back in school which means more time for you to focus on decluttering your home.

Remember a clutter-free home during fall can tremendously help you tame a cluttered mind. With less visual clutter to deal with the easier home maintenance becomes.

Isn’t that what we all want, just easier and more efficient home maintenance so we can finally live the life we’ve been craving? A life filled with fewer chores and more memorable experiences.

If you just aren’t sure what exactly to declutter this fall you’re in luck because this list will help you get started on the right path to enjoying your home during the holidays!

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It’s been half a year since you have worn any of your long-sleeved shirts, scarves, or hats. Take this time to truly declutter your clothes.

We hold onto cold weather clothing we don’t wear because we feel we should due to the extremities of the weather. This year take the stress from trying to figure out what to wear by decluttering down to only what you actually do.

If you have never considered a capsule wardrobe (a simple small mix and match wardrobe of neutral well-fitting pieces) then maybe this is the year you give it a try.


Home decor can be one of the hardest things to really declutter next to sentiments. At one point or another, this vase or that painting gave us joy.

Yet as we evolve into new people our tastes in home decor can also evolve. Once you let yourself off the hook knowing that this isn’t a bad thing, then decluttering your home decor will become easier.

Think of it this way we are going to add a lot of festive decor for the holidays making our space feel smaller. We also are anticipating getting some gifts that could also make our homes feel a little smaller.

Get ahead of the game by decluttering some of your home decor!


Year after year we keep accumulating Halloween, Fall, and Christmas decorations. If you use every single thing then that’s great!

If you are consistently leaving miscellaneous decorations at the bottom of the bin every year, never seeing the light of day, then fall is a perfect time to finally donate/ recycle some of these used items.

Remember when I said our tastes evolve? So does the way we decorate for the Holidays. Maybe you’re ready for a new look this year? If so, go for it, and don’t be afraid to let your old decorations go!


Take control of your home by making sure to do a thorough declutter during fall in your kitchen.

There is going to be a lot more activity during the holidays in your kitchen and if you can’t find measuring cups, cookie cutters, or brown sugar, you’re paving the way for a stressful season.

Re-prioritize your kitchen as you declutter. Are you a baker? Make sure that you take stock of what you have and clearly label and organize what you do.

Do you host a lot of parties or events during the holidays? Go through your serving trays and platters and donate any that you never use or just simply needs to be retired.


Extra school/office and craft supplies can be especially difficult to declutter because you just do not know for sure when you might need something!

With that fear of the unknown, it is no wonder we hold onto glitter and stacks of file folders year after year.

Fall is such a great time to tackle this decluttering project. Kids are back in school with everything they actually need, so it might help you easily identify what you do not need.

We also tend to pick up our crafty side once the holidays approach. We might make a gift or handmake a card so we will be diving into our craft supplies a little more.

Keep this in mind as you declutter through your craft supplies.

  1. If you haven’t used it in two years you probably never will.
  2. If you have zero time for crafts in your life, let them go and pick up the hobby again in the future if you ever have the desire to.
  3. If you cannot even imagine what you would make with a craft supply then there really is no need to keep it.
  4. Most craft supplies are fairly inexpensive and easily attainable if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need green glitter or 100 popsicle sticks. A quick trip to Michaels or Joanns will fix that problem.

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Summer may have wreaked havoc on your backyard, patio, porch, front yard, etc.

On hot summer days, it is easy to leave pool toys floating in the pool, bikes laying on the front grass, and have an overgrown garden.

Take this wonderful time before the cold winter months to declutter, clean, and organize your outdoor space.

So deflate and box up those toys, sweep and hose off the front porch, and clean up your garden and tools in preparation for the holidays.


If your gift wrap, bows, and bags are all thrown into a box somewhere stored in the garage why not make your holidays so much easier by taking 30 minutes to declutter it all?

If you hold onto the same few gift boxes and bags but never use them, vow to actually use them this year or recycle them! There is so no need to carry these things year after year.

Donate or recycle wrapping paper you don’t like, tags you don’t use, or broken bags you’ve kept for no reason at all.

Once you have decluttered, you now have a clear inventory of what you have so if you need more you won’t continue to buy the same things over and over again.

08 | TOYS

Decluttering toys during fall is a very smart move. If your kids are old enough they are back in school, and as we all know social influence will have your kids getting over the pony collection they just had to have last year and onto the next toy.

Also with the holidays approaching as you know, they will be getting a whole new heap of toys to play with so why not take this time to get some breathing room in the playroom?


Time to put the bathing suits away and pull out those scarves and coats!

Our home entryways, coat closets, and mudrooms can become an area that quickly gets overrun with clutter.

Take some time to really go through these areas and create more functional organizing solutions that can help you maintain a clutter-free home throughout the season.

Anything summer-related can be stored away. Flip flops, beach bags, towels, and toys. This will give you some much-needed space to help find a home for boots, coats, and guests’ belongings.

Not sure where to start?


Fall is a great time to go through a serious beauty product purge. Old makeup, dingy brushes, beach hair spray you didn’t use again this year…

Our routines change with the seasons as we replace tanning lotions with copious amounts of lotion to beat the dry weather, we often end up with leftover beauty products that we will never use.

Go through every single item and try to live with a new mindset that you only need one of one kind of product at a time until it is all used up.


People tend to deal with two different scenarios when it comes to blankets. You either have way too many or not enough.

Wherever you may land in this category fall is a great time to declutter your blankets. The best part is this shouldn’t take you too long!

If you have blankets that are too small, itchy, stretched, pilled, frayed, or have holes it is time to donate/recycle.

If your looking to replace your blankets this is a great opportunity to look for ones that match your decor, are the size you need, and of course the softness that you love.


Nothing gets cluttered faster in a home than in a garage. It’s a catchall for all things random and due to hot weather months, no one wants to spend a whole lot of time cleaning and organing in there.

That’s why fall truly is the most perfect time to declutter your garage. This will allow you to get to your holiday decor to declutter and get ready to go when the time comes to decorate!

Open up those doors, get the car ready to take donations, and get your garage decluttered once and for all!


One of the best things about summer is the opportunity to spend time outdoors, enjoying the sunny weather and cool breezes.

However, as the season comes to an end, it’s important to take stock of all the summer items that have accumulated over the months.

Towels, bathing suits, toys, and pool floats can quickly take up space in a home, and it’s important to declutter them at the end of the season. Doing so will help to make next summer more enjoyable and stress-free.

Start by sorting through all of the summer belongings and setting aside anything that is no longer needed or wanted.

Then, donate or recycle these items so that someone else can enjoy them. By decluttering at the end of each summer season, you can help to make your home more organized and tidy.

Decluttering your home during fall is a brilliant idea to seriously cut down on holiday stress.

You deserve to have a clean, organized, and decluttered home to last you through your next decluttering session. The session we like to call Spring Cleaning… See you then 😉

Happy Decluttering!

6 thoughts on “13 Things You Should Declutter During Fall

  1. I decluttered my holiday decor to nearly nothing a few years ago and would never look back. While I love the look of a well-decorated home (with fall decor especially!) I just don’t have the patience for all of the decorating and storage.

    Another great option for people who have too many blankets is to keep a couple in the car and hand them out to homeless people if they see them! It can make a world of difference for them to have a clean, warm blanket!

  2. When your ready to get rid of decorations let your nieces and nephews have what every your adult children don’t want. Also share them with schools who do things like haunted house & holiday fairs

  3. Beth that is such a fantastic idea! I love that! These things could be cherished and used elsewhere and it would feel so great to know you contributed to that.

  4. Fall is my favorite time to de-clutter. I want all the extra gone before the snow flies and we hibernate. Thanks for the good tips.

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