A Minimalist Kitchen Checklist

A Minimalist Kitchen Checklist

If you are ready to embrace a more minimalist kitchen then it’s time you figure out exactly what you need with this minimalist kitchen checklist. Why are people becoming so obsessed with minimalism?

Well, simply put, the concept of minimalism is that things become simplified enough to prevent unnecessary stress.

We find ourselves so easily stressed by our jam-packed schedules, our overpacked homes, and our never-ending to-do lists.

Knowing how bad stress is to our health, we must adopt a few changes to eliminate this risk to our every day lives. That’s where minimalism in the home comes in handy.

What better room in the home to start this practice then in the most used room of the house, the kitchen!

Whether you cook gourmet meals or boil water for mac and cheese, everyone uses their kitchen.

Over time though, most kitchens start to get more and more crowded with excessive coffee mugs, gadgets, and utensils.

Before you know it every cupboard is filled to the brim and the drawers can barely open without getting stuck on a spatula.

Then the kitchen starts to become yet another stressful part of your every day life. It doesn’t have to be this way! Having a minimalist kitchen will provide you with just a few of the following benefits.

  1. Your kitchen will be easier to keep clean, which will save you time to pursue other things you’d rather be doing.
  2. Cooking will be more enjoyable. There is nothing like cooking in a clean and clutter-free kitchen.
  3. Shopping will become easier as your fridge and pantry are easier to navigate.

Scroll to the bottom of the post to make sure to download a free printable version of the My Minimalist Kitchen Checklist!

Before we head straight to the list here are some pointers as to what to easily declutter in your kitchen to help you stay focused on the goal.

  1. Ditch the duplicates.
  2. If it’s broke… let it go.
  3. Do not keep expensive items you never use just because they were expensive.
  4. Funky rarely used small appliances or gadgets need to go. Good bye pasta maker or ice cream machine.
  5. If your tupper-ware doesn’t have a matching lid, it’s time to remove from your kitchen cupboard.

Making your minimalist kitchen dream come true will start with a simple checklist to follow. Take a look below to give you some guidance and in no time you will have the functional kitchen you’ve always needed.

PRO TIP: Take everything out of your kitchen to take proper inventory and put back whats on this list. This is a great time to deep clean drawers and cupboards!

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01 | One full matching set of silverware.

02 | One knife block set with a set of steak knives.

03 | One of each personally essential kitchen appliance; Toaster oven, Coffee Maker, Blender, Mixer

04 | Two spatulas.

05 | Two large serving spoons and one large slotted spoon.

06 | One of each necessary kitchen gadget; one pizza cutter, one thermometer, one baster, etc.

07 | One whisk.

08 | One rubber spatula.

09 | One cheese grater.

10 | One can opener.

11 | One vegetable peeler.

12 | One measuring cup set.

13 | One measuring spoon set.

14 | Three mixing bowls; small, medium, and large.

15 | Two serving bowls; medium and large.

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16 | Three frying pans; small, medium, and large.

17 | Three sauce pans; small, medium, and large.

18 | One colander.

19 | Tongs.

20 | One set of large dinner plates.

21 | One set of small side plates

22 | One set of bowls.

23 | Two baking sheets; medium and large.

24 | One set of tupper-ware same brand.

25 | One set of large drinking glasses.

26 | One set of small drinking glasses.

27 | One set of coffee mugs.

28 | One large pasta pot.

29 | Two glass backing dishes; medium and large.

30 | A cutting board.

This minimalist kitchen checklist is just a generic guideline for what you should have in your kitchen. Of course, depending on your individual needs, make adjustments to what you consider essential!

If you’re not sure if a minimalist kitchen is right for you or concerned you might need something you decluttered, try the following tip!

Declutter everything out of your kitchen that is not on the list and place in boxes. Keep these boxes somewhere accessible in your home but out of sight.

As you realize you are missing something or need something, go ahead and grab it out of the box and replace back into your kitchen.

Whatever is left after no more than three months is safe to donate!

You deserve to have the minimalist kitchen of your dreams, remember to reduce duplicates, ditch rarely used gadgets, and never stop decluttering!

Happy Decluttering!

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