9 Minimalist Summer Home Decorating Ideas

9 Minimalist Summer Home Decorating Ideas

Summer home decorating is becoming just as popular as decorating for the holidays. The good news is that a few subtle touches of simple summer home decor may be all that you need to bring a little bit of summer fun to your home without the overwhelm.

If you love simplicity and minimalism you know that although the holidays are festive and fun, they can start to make your home feel a little crowded.

Spring and summer months are so intoxicating because they represent a clean fresh start and we do not want to lose that feeling with tons of summer home decorating.

The key idea is to find that perfect balance!

Luckily for us, there are now tons of super simple summer home decorating ideas that will bring the sunshine in without the headache.

Before we dive into the juicy inspirational ideas here are some important tips to consider before you get started.

01 | Remove and replace instead of cover-up and overcrowd. If you are bringing in some summer pillows store away your everyday ones until the season has passed. The same goes for additional decor added to your home in any way.

02 | Shoot for a theme. If you have lemons here and nautical anchors there it all might start to feel a little overwhelming. Pick a theme and stick to it! Plus this will help others see that this is a summer decoration not just an everyday decoration.

03 | Go minimalist. Instead of transforming every square inch of every room in your home try a few subtle changes that yield large results. Change the decor on the mantle or switch out the front door wreath to something seasonally appropriate.

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Lemons are a great and simple choice to bring in a pop of color that will make everyone who visits your home crave a glass of homemade lemonade.


Pale blue sea glass to soft driftwood, adding a coastal touch to your home every summer does not have to be overwhelming or cheesy. Switch out a few pillows and add a fun nautical piece like dried starfish to create a gentle minimalist coastal look.


Summer has always had a reputation for having some of the finest sweet treats. Whatever you love, ice-cold popsicles or a giant slice of sweet watermelon, there are plenty of amusing ways to bring the flavor of summer into your simple summer home decor.


Sunflowers have a vintage country charm that works well with many different home decor types. A burst of bright sunflowers on a wreath or in a vase will provide your home with some summer energy without feeling overpowering.


What a soft and simple way to bring in some French countryside summer atmosphere. Add a few faux lavender sprigs to tables and home entryways to create a minimalist approach to summer home decorating.


Farmhouse home decorating is here to stay and just like all other seasons summer farmhouse has its signature look. Galvanized buckets filled with faux greenery mixed with vintage chairs topped with fresh summer flowers are just a few easy changes you can make to your everyday farmhouse decor.

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Want something bright and unique? Why not bring in a few pops of sunshine yellow with these clever and inspiring bumble bee summer decorations. Check out these adorable and easy DIY twine beehives! They are bee-utiful and wonderful neutral.


The classic tropical decor has been getting a makeover from modern minimalists. Softer cooler colors and contemporary palm leaf art prints can transport you to a tropical paradise that soothes the soul.


Sometimes just a pop of color is all that a summer theme needs for your home. Stick with beautiful white walls and switch out some everyday decor for something that says summer is here! Hot pink, neon yellow, and grassy green are all just a few colors you could use to make a bold statement all while maintaining a minimalist look.

Minimalist summer home decorating has come a long way. Remember that whatever you decide to do in your home that it brings you joy and comfort.

If you ever are starting to feel a little overwhelmed by your summer decor space it out, switch it up to a new theme, and don’t be afraid to put a few everyday knick-knacks in storage just for the season!

What do you want your minimalist summer home to look like?

Happy Decluttering!

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  1. I’m so glad you gave several ideas of a “theme” for summer decor. I think that’s half the battle when it comes to decorating for the season! We just got our floors refinished a gorgeous light brown color and I’ve been wanting to lighten up our decor a bit to match the vibe. Your post gave me plenty of ideas to think about how to give my home a simple and fresh restart!

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