The Top 10 Laundry Room Organization Ideas

The Top 10 Laundry Room Organization Ideas

Laundry room organization has come a long way in the last decade.

From dark, dreary, and disorganized, to bright, cheery, and functional; laundry room’s are now becoming a focal point in the home.

From rustic farmhouse to clean and contemporary people are no longer leaving their laundry room doors closed.

You got to wonder where did this trend come from? Not too long ago having an organized and beautiful laundry room wasn’t even a thought.

Now, it’s one of the most remodeled rooms in the home!

Our guess can only be the reality of how often we are in this space of our home. Laundry will always be a major chore in everyone’s household.

So why not make the room you spend so much time in, well… enjoyable?

We organize and decorate our bathrooms to feel like a relaxing spa.

We spend countless hours re-organizing our kitchen counter tops for efficiency and to reduce unnecessary clutter.

The laundry room should not be treated with any less effort!

Although a small space, we often overlook laundry room organizational ideas that can make the space more functional for regular use.

Also by adding a few touches of decor you could make it a room in your home you enjoy to spend time in.

If you have been craving one of these types of laundry rooms, but not sure where to begin you have made it to the right place!

Here we will discuss the top ten laundry room organization ideas that will completely transform your laundry room.

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Let’s just be totally honest here, laundry detergent bottles are just plain ugly.

Between pods, scent beads, powders, and liquids all of your typical laundry room cleaners can really be an eye-sore.

Invest in a few jars, dispensers, and containers where you can safely transfer these cleaning agents into something functional and beautiful to look at.


In most builder grade homes you might be lucky if you have a wire rack for a shelf.

If this sounds like you, it is no wonder why you are missing out on prime storage capabilities in your laundry room!

Imagine built in cabinets where you can store even more household items? Or how about two rows of shelves instead of just the one?

From expensive built in cabinets, to simply adding a few shelves, you will quickly be able to double your organizational efforts with this necessary upgrade.


Sometimes we have no space on the ground and the only place to look is up!

Hanging baskets from the ceiling, wall mounted hooks, or zip lines that can retract from wall to wall are all just a few very clever hanging storage solutions for the laundry room.

Take a look at this gorgeous laundry room below.

Some wall mounted hooks and a clothes drying rack kept this small laundry room functional.


If you’re wondering how to make laundry time more efficient, the easiest way to do so is by having more than one laundry basket.

Instead of carrying one huge load of mixed clothes to the laundry room, only to be dumped on the floor while you separate, try creating a system that will prevent this unnecessary mess.

Use two or more laundry baskets in your laundry room to easily sort dirty clothes and then to use for clean laundry to sort by location.

Imagine the organizational possibilities just by adding a few extra laundry hampers?


Tension rods are a very inexpensive way to get an expensive looking clothes line installed in your laundry.

You can wedge one between two cabinets, a cabinet and a wall, or just wall to wall, depending on your laundry room.

Another great idea is to have a set of matching hangers for your laundry room to maintain a balanced and beautiful space.

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Especially if you have open shelving, adding a couple of storage bins will help you organize and hide random laundry room essentials like extra clothes pins or cleaners.

We often have a few bulky items in our home we just can’t seem to find a place for, these storage bins may be a perfect solution for those little problems.


Many are not lucky enough to add storage like cabinets or shelves over the washer and dryer, and that’s OK because you are in luck!

By using a rolling cart you will be able to organize all of your laundry essentials in one smart place.

Even better, you can completely roll the cart out of sight until you really need it for laundry.

This solution is perfect for anyone from small laundry rooms to big ones!

Watch out kitchens! Portable islands are making their debut in the laundry room!


Not just over the washer and dryer shelves, but an entire shelving unit.

Depending on the size of your laundry room if you have the space for an actual shelving unit then I would highly recommend doing so.

This shelving can be a great place to not only keep laundry essentials, like detergents, but also a place for bulk items like paper towels, or cleaning supplies.


When is comes to organizing spaces, the idea is that you have a system in place for the potential clutter that may naturally happen.

For the laundry room, the clutter you will need a solution for are lost socks, loose change, or pocket clutter.

By having something already set up and ready to collect these odd balls things, you are preventing future clutter problems!


This is not necessarily an organizational idea, but what adding a touch of home decor does is transform a space into something that you love.

What do we do to the things that we love? We take care of them!

By creating a laundry room you enjoy to spend time in you will be willing to spend a little more time to keep it neat, tidy, and organized.

Take a look below at some of these gorgeous laundry room decorating ideas to find your inspiration!

Laundry room organization is going to be key if you want this space to stay clean and tidy all the time.

By implementing just a few of these ten laundry room organization ideas you will be well on your way to have a Pinterest worthy laundry room!

Happy Decluttering!

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