The Top Ten Craft Room Organization Ideas

The Top Ten Craft Room Organization Ideas

If your craft room and crafting supplies are a cluttered mess then it might be time you check out the top ten craft room organization ideas. Do not let a messy craft room stop you from your creativity.

Not everyone has an entire room dedicated to their craft, whether that be graphic design, painting, drawing, scrap booking, sewing, etc. Many of you might just have your craft supplies shoved into unlabeled boxes bursting at the seems.

Either way, everyone has one thing in common, they need their craft rooms to be organized in order to function.

Nothing halts creativity more than a distracting cluttered environment.

Many people seem to struggle with organizing this part of their lives. It could be because there are no clear guidelines on how to keep your supplies organized. Everyone has different sized spaces to work with, and some may have many more supplies then the next person working on the same craft.

With that in mind, we have to get creative with how we organize our craft rooms. Luckily for you, there are tons of really unique and clever ways to accomplish this!

So whether you’re a painter, a sculpture, or a scrapbook maker, these top ten craft room organization ideas will all apply to you.

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Cube storage units may be one of the most inexpensive pieces of highly functional furniture you can add to your craft room. The organizational capabilities are endless. Cube storage drawers can be found at places like the Dollar Tree and Walmart in all different colors and styles.

More importantly cube storage units give you the ability to break up you craft supplies into mini-sections. This truly is an organizers dream come true.


I’m sure you’ve heard about it or seen the awesome peg board ideas that have been circulating for crafting rooms. A peg board will provide you with the opportunity to hang dozens of crafting supplies at eye level. Forget having to find everything in drawers or bins!

If you’re handy you can buy the peg board from Home Depot or Lowes, and this will give you the opportunity to paint it a fun color!

If you are not so handy (guilty here) then there are tons of pre-cut & painted ready to hand peg boards that you can hang as easy as a picture!


If you are lucky enough to dedicate a whole room to your craft then maybe it’s time you consider a better layout to the space.

Sure you could bud up a desk right to the wall… or you could create a super smart double sided seating area! If you cannot afford a fancy built in there are so many clever ways to use inexpensive bookshelves and furniture to create the look without the cost!

So take a look at your space? Can you maybe try a new unique layout?


Have you ever considered taking off the doors to the closet in your craft room? Did you know that cheap wire shelving is really easy to take down. Think about this carved out space and what you could do to make it pop in your craft room!

You could paint it, install ceiling to floor shelving, you could add peg board, rolling carts, or even add a desk to create another space for whatever you need.


I say it a lot, and I am going to say it again. Having matching bins, containers, storage boxes, magazine racks, jars, etc. will automatically make your space look just that much more organized. In a craft room, there tends to be a lot more containers than anywhere else so it can even be more of an eye-sore if everything is completely different.

If you have a mismatched collection using the same label for all with immediately pull everything together. Better yet, a few cans of spray paint can make all of your existing containers look the same without the need to buy more.

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One of the funnest things about organizing a craft room is that typically there is a lot of color around. From paint to fabric, you can almost always find a way to organize something by color!

Use this to your advantage by creating a color flow throughout your craft room. This will do two things for you. Make it easier to find what you’re looking for and make your craft room stunning to look at!


If you are a creative genius in more ways than one, then you may have smaller collections of supplies for different practices. Maybe you scrapbook half the year and then paint watercolors when the mood strikes you.

For these “micro” creative sessions where you only need your supplies a few times of the year why not keep everything you need together in a small portable cart? This will help you keep all those supplies organized and neatly set aside when not in use.


Many times the packaging items come in can be a bit bulky. If any of your craft supplies could come out of their packaging into something smaller and more organized then why not?

Buttons can be taken out of their packaging and stored into one storage container with compartments. Ribbon and string can easily be placed onto a paper towel rod. Pens and pencils can be sectioned into matching hanging bins.

So take a look around and see what bulky packaging your still fighting with to get organized and find a simplified solution to that problem.


If you do not have an over the door organizer then you are really missing out on prime organizational real estate in your craft room!

From super inexpensive plastic shoe holder organizers to metal shelving there is so much more opportunity to categorize a whole section of craft supplies when you get one.

This whole section can be dedicated to gift wrapping, painting supplies, sticker organization, etc. The possibilities are endless.


Since craft supplies usually have to be stored in smaller containers, bins, and drawers if you skip the step to label then you are setting yourself up for failure.

The hardest part of keeping a craft room organized is cleaning up after working on a project. The easiest way to clean up will be by having everything clearly labeled so you know exactly where it goes.

If you make all of your labels the same, I promise you it will bring your entire craft room together and more importantly help keep it that way!

Craft room organization can feel a little overwhelming at first. My best advice to you is to do everything in smaller steps. Start with decluttering, then cleaning, then organizing, then labeling.

Try a few of the above mentioned craft organization ideas and you will be sure on your way to having the organized craft room of your dreams!

Happy Decluttering!

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