What To Do When You Feel Burnt Out From Life

What To Do When You Feel Burnt Out From Life

At one point or another, we all experience this one paralyzing feeling where we feel completely burnt out from life. Our jobs are unfulfilling, our relationship is routine, even the food we cook seems boring and mundane.

The problem is when we start to feel burnt out from life we do not cope with it in healthy ways. We often act impulsively to try to make ourselves feel better or just to simply feel anything at all.

These impulsive reactions usually end up with some serious regret and can set your life goals back. I know for me I do two damaging impulses that I typically regret afterwards.

  1. I eat…and I mean eat! Ice cream to take the pain away or greasy rolled tacos to mask the feeling of dread.
  2. I spend money…and I mean a lot of money. We live paycheck to paycheck and sometimes that lifestyle can be a bit constricting. I tend to unleash by impulsively using a credit card we worked hard to pay off, or I just way overspend on my normal budget for grocery shopping.

Once the burnout is done and I’m feeling like myself again, I now get to clean up the mess I made. Which depending on how bad it is can send me right back into another funk.

What a vicious cycle huh?

Well, I decided that enough was enough I didn’t want to be stuck in these funks once or twice a month.

I tried the following ways to better cope when I was feeling burnt out on life and I can tell you every single one worked in one way or another!

So the question is, what are the healthy ways to deal with feeling burnt out from life? How do you do anything when you don’t even want to roll out of bed? How do you stay positive among a world of negativity?

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Writing down what you have to be grateful for can help you put your current problems into perspective.

No matter how bad your circumstances are, there is always someone else who would jump at the opportunity to be in your shoes.

Write down what you are grateful for every day the second you roll out of bed or right before you hit the pillow at night. This routine can set you up for a positive day every day.


You are uncomfortable right now and you might be in the best situation to make a change.

Great things never happen within comfort zones. Most people do not make changes when everything is going OK.

People do not quit their job they hate when they are having a good run at work. People do not move to a new place when the neighbors haven’t had a screaming match in a while.

It is when you hit a low that you are more energized to make something change for your circumstances.

Take this energy and use it to your advantage before you fall into your comfortable place again.

Apply for college, apply for a new job, take a yoga class, seek counseling, take some steps in a new direction while you still have that fiery motivation inside of you.


Take a space in your home and transform it. Change up the furniture placement, move the pictures on the walls, decorate with a new color scheme, etc.

This will provide you with something to focus on while giving you a positive end result to enjoy after your finished.

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A new recipe, a new show, a new book, a new walking trail, etc.

There is always a little thrill when trying something new and it can spark some immediate joy.

Routines are a great thing, but sometimes you have to mix up the routine to make the old reliable stuff missed and valued.


Now don’t freak, hear me out! Meditation has always been assumed it can only be practiced by yoga teachers, monks, and hippies, but I am telling you anyone can do it and it is amazing.

There is a free app called Insight Timer, that you can download. Choose how long you want to meditate, choose a variety of relaxing sounds, and even take a guided meditation.

Give it a try for 5 minutes and you will be able to feel full body and mind relaxation.


It could be your spouse, your sister, your co-worker, a counselor, or a stranger at the grocery store.

Sometimes you just need to get it off your chest that you feel tired, burnt out, overwhelmed, depressed, or whatever it may be.

Do not assume you have superpowers and can always have it all pulled together. If you do not want people’s advice or feedback tell them up front you just need someone to listen to what you are going through.


Out loud or on paper. Acknowledging how you are feeling out loud can be very therapeutic, as you finally give what is going on inside your mind the time it deserves.

These thoughts are floating inside your mind 24/7 and they need to be released. Much like stress, if it never gets resolved it will start to manifest itself in physical ways.

Hence why high-stress people get sick, their stomach gets upset, or their hair falls out. Mental pain is hard to deal with because it cannot be pinpointed like physical pain.

With Physical pain, you know that your head hurts so you take Advil and in 20 minutes the pain is gone. With mental pain, it is not that easy, but there are plenty of healthy ways to help yourself out of life burn out.

Happy Decluttering!

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  1. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished
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    blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  2. Thank you 🙂 This is a fun one when everyone else is a clutterbutt! I asked my husband honestly what it would take for me to make him WANT to declutter his stuff and stay more organized. He said the honest answer is an incentive, aka a “bribe” because the truth is he does not care about this as much as I do. I initially didn’t like his response, I felt strongly that if I clean and declutter then you should clean and declutter… but that’s not reality. Sometimes a nice big family bribe could create a family decluttering effort. For example this weekend we tackle every square inch of the house together and if we can keep it clean we can go to an amusement park the following weekend. The individual bribe might works too, if you clean, organize, and declutter your room and can keep them that way for a month I will get you that new phone. Sometimes all we can do is keeping trying different tactics until something sticks. Good luck!

  3. Sometimes, just taking a break can help. Stepping away from what ever it is ..

    It gives you a chance to process whats going on, and see the way forward.

    I know I can’t wait for Xmas holiday

  4. Hi Darren! I am right there with you. I work full time, run a blog full time, and run a business with my mom. Sometimes I just want to take a break to get in touch with identity. Christmas is the perfect time just for that. In a few days, I will be taking a break until after Christmas to get a “reset.” Happy holidays to you!

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