100 of The Best Christmas Bucket List Ideas

100 of The Best Christmas Bucket List Ideas

Do you need some Christmas bucket list ideas this year? Make the most of your holiday season by fitting in your favorite traditions & maybe adding one or two new ones!

We all get super excited when the thanksgiving dinner dishes are washed and we can open up our hearts & home to all things Christmas. We start to think about all of the yuletide cheer we want to incorporate into our lives.

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So if you’re looking for something new to try, or want to challenge yourself to enjoy the most Christmas has to offer, you’re going to want to check out this fantastic list of 100 Christmas bucket ideas!

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  1. Decorate a gingerbread house.
  2. Make Christmas cards & send them off to friends & family.
  3. Visit a real Christmas tree farm.
  4. Bake holiday cookies.
  5. Have a Christmas light scavenger hunt!
  6. Make your own holiday decorations.
  7. Build a snowman.
  8. Read a Christmas-themed novel.
  9. Donate gifts to a local charity.
  10. Go to a tree lighting ceremony.
  11. Make holiday treat boxes for co-workers, neighbors, & teachers.
  12. Go ice-skating.
  13. Make homemade hot chocolate from scratch.
  14. Have a Christmas movie marathon.
  15. Create a candy cane hunt for friends & family.
  16. Host an ugly Christmas sweater party.
  17. Have a bonfire & make Christmas-themed smores.
  18. Create different Christmas playlists on Spotify.
  19. Listen to a Christmas-themed audiobook.
  20. Build an igloo that will last all winter.
  21. String a popcorn & cranberry garland.
  22. Make homemade Christmas scented potpourri.
  23. Find the most decorated neighborhood & drive by at night.
  24. Have a snowball fight.
  25. Host an elegant Christmas dinner party.
  26. Go to a local farmer’s market or holiday craft bazaar.
  27. Make egg nog from scratch.
  28. Decorate your car for Christmas.
  29. Make your own Christmas tree ornaments.
  30. Create your own wreaths & garland from fresh pine.
  31. Take a beautiful Family photo on a Christmas tree farm or in the snow.
  32. Host a holiday boozy brunch with close friends and co-workers.
  33. Create fun holiday games to play at the family get-together.
  34. Start a secret Santa at work.
  35. Make mulled wine or cider.
  36. Look for a local Christmas concert to attend.
  37. Visit Santa & his elves with your little ones.
  38. Have a holiday baking contest with friends & family.
  39. Make paper chains or paper snowflakes to decorate with.
  40. Dry orange slices to create Boho-inspired holiday decor.
  41. Declutter & organize your Christmas decor.
  42. Put together a Christmas puzzle.
  43. Create your own hot chocolate bombs.
  44. Visit a family member you haven’t seen much of this year.
  45. Make your own holiday gift tags.
  46. Watch Trans-Siberian Orchestra on youtube.
  47. Create a delicious holiday cocktail.
  48. Bundle up and take a nature walk.
  49. Learn how to knit your own scarves, hats, or mittens.
  50. Decorate your backyard for Christmas too.
  51. Create a Christmas eve open box for your loved ones.
  52. Dust off some old board games.
  53. Make fresh snow cones.
  54. Go Christmas shopping at locally owned businesses.
  55. Wrap your Christmas gifts minimally.
  56. Have a cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie marathon.
  57. Create personalized table place cards.
  58. Watch the Nutcracker.
  59. Roast chestnuts on an open fire (they’re really good!)
  60. Have a guilt-free Christmas pajama day and do nothing.
  61. Go sledding or tubing.
  62. Get a Christmas manicure.
  63. Pick out an amazing Christmas Eve outfit.
  64. Have a holiday potluck with friends and family.
  65. Make comfort food like soups & homemade bread.
  66. Make a holiday-flavored pie from scratch.
  67. Can your own jams & fruit butters.
  68. Have a Christmas karaoke night.
  69. Go out to eat at a local diner you’ve never been to.
  70. Make an epic Christmas eve & day menu.
  71. Pick out Christmas fabric and sew your own stockings.
  72. Make an interactive advent calendar.
  73. Donate old toys to help those in need.
  74. Go to a Christmas Eve church service.
  75. Go to local holiday events, like drive-through light shows or lit-up gardens.
  76. Research other cultures’ holiday traditions, and try one!
  77. Simplify your Christmas by embracing minimalism.
  78. Create code names for gifts, so no one knows who is who until the morning of.
  79. Hand make a Christmas gift this year.
  80. Have a Christmas painting & wine evening with friends.
  81. Plant winter flowers in containers.
  82. Make a brand new recipe you’ve never tried before.
  83. Go skiing or snowboarding.
  84. Set new goals for the next year.
  85. Take a scenic drive with a loved one.
  86. Go caroling with friends.
  87. Start a new life planner to get yourself organized.
  88. Coordinate a paper lantern train in your neighborhood.
  89. If they allow it, dress your pets up in holiday attire & have a photoshoot.
  90. Take a peppermint bubble bath.
  91. Turn off the TV & enjoy Christmas music late into the evening.
  92. Spend an evening or two at a cabin.
  93. Make your own snow globe.
  94. Let everyone have their own mini Christmas tree to decorate.
  95. Create an amazing hot cocoa bar.
  96. Have a self-care spa day.
  97. Put together a decadent Christmas charcuterie board.
  98. Plant a pine tree in your backyard to decorate for years to come.
  99. Seek out a local reindeer farm & feed the reindeer.
  100. Go visit a live nativity scene.

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