11 Things to Declutter For Spring

11 Things to Declutter For Spring

Spring has a way of making us want to get rid of the old to make way for the new. Check out these 11 things to declutter for Spring that will transform your home in no time!

Spring cleaning is a time-honored and necessary tradition for years. Sometimes we’ve got to open up those windows, move around the furniture, and dust in places we often like to forget about!

What is the best month for Spring cleaning?

April tends to be the perfect month to begin your Spring cleaning, but before you begin you may want to consider decluttering first! For obvious reasons a decluttered home will help eliminate unnecessary clutter to make space for the deep cleaning your home needs.

More importantly, decluttering your home in Spring gives you time in between holidays and summer vacations to focus on your environment.

So, where do you start decluttering?

Luckily for you, the easiest place to start your Spring decluttering is outside! Check out the following 11 spring decluttering tips to show you exactly where to get started today!

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01 | Make your outdoor space a place to relax.

Whether you have a balcony, patio, or backyard these outdoor spaces get taken for granted and become a dumping ground for random stuff. Take the time to declutter some of the following items.

  • Kids’ toys.
  • Dead plants.
  • Broken planters.
  • Rusted yard equipment.
  • Torn seat cushions.
  • Tattered patio furniture.
  • Tacky outdoor decor.

02 | Find an area for back stock.

If you have a lot of back stock like toilet paper or cleaning supplies, instead of overfilling often used spaces, find them a different home! Here are some ideas of where you can store back stock.

  • Shelving in the garage.
  • In stackable container bins.
  • Linen closets.
  • Hall closets.
  • Sheds, basements, or attics.

03 | Use the snowball effect with your beauty products.

The snowball effect started with the concept of paying off credit cards. You pay off the smallest one first then take that payment and add it to the next credit card, so on and so forth.

Do the same with your beauty products, use up all of the samples and travel-sized items to get rid of them before you start with the bigger bottles.

If you’re still not wanting to use your sample size items then you know it’s time for them to finally go.

04 | Do not go grocery shopping for a week.

Instead, vow to challenge yourself to eat only what you got currently in your house. If you don’t like the idea of throwing out food to declutter your pantry, then eat it instead! Make some space in your pantry the clever way! Lemon Jello and oatmeal anyone?

05 | Take a day to tackle paper in your home.

Start with your purse and wallet. Discard expired coupons and receipts you no longer need. Then head over to your paper piles. Go through your mail, food ads, magazines, bills, etc. Discard what you can.

If you are paperless then why hold onto old statements? Why do you need to keep the owners manual to your five-year old toaster oven?

Use this rule with paper clutter. If it can be easily replaced then toss it. If it cannot then keep it.

06 | Declutter your projects.

Summer will be here before you know it and what are two things that come to mind with summer? It’s hot and it’s fun! Who wants to be doing projects in 100-degree weather when you could be floating in a pool instead? So make a list of all of your “to-do’s” and well… do them!

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07 | Declutter the kitchen.

It’s always a good idea to do a thorough declutter of your kitchen often since it’s the most used space in the house! Think about decluttering some of these things in your Kitchen for Spring.

  • Stained and mismatched plastic food storage containers.
  • Serving platters and dishes you never used for the last few years.
  • Random dishes that don’t match anything.
  • Food that was never eaten in the last year.
  • Expired baking items.
  • Rusted sheet pans, frying pans, & pots.
  • Anything chipped.
  • Duplicate kitchen items.

08 | Simplify your online life.

Although it doesn’t seem like it, your online life holds a lot of weight and adds stress you shouldn’t have to deal with. Take an afternoon to declutter some of these things for good.

  • Delete old phone pictures, videos, texts, & contacts you don’t want.
  • Unsubscribe from emails you no longer wish to get.
  • Remove apps & downloaded items you don’t need.

09 | Declutter your entire wardrobe.

Start with the small stuff first. Shoes, socks, underwear, bras, jewelry, hats, scarves, bathing suits, pajamas, purses, etc.

Now declutter your clothes. Give your closet some new life this spring! Go get matching hangers, color code your closet, fold and put away winter clothes to free up some space. Keep some of these things in mind to help you thoroughly declutter your closet.

  • Do not keep clothes because they were expensive or trendy. If you don’t like them you will never wear them.
  • Don’t be afraid of fewer options. You probably don’t realize you wear a small wardrobe already! We often choose the same pieces over and over, even in a large wardrobe.
  • Choose today, not that “one day.” Don’t hold onto something you never wear in case of the “one day” I might scenario. Let it go now, and if that one day shows up treat yourself with a new outfit.

10 | Make some money.

Not sure what to do with all of your donatable items? Why not host a yard sale? Gather a few friends or family members and get create one large yard sale! I’m sure a few people in your life are going through the same spring decluttering journey as you are.

Put decent items on Offer up, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace. Make your lightly used items pay you back!

11 | Declutter ten items per room.

Take a box and go through every single room of your home and take ten items you can part with and put in that box. You might surprise yourself how you can find ten items to donate in a room that you thought you couldn’t part with one thing.

Be tough on your stuff. Look at wall art, duplicate items, & home decor. Sometimes we get tunnel vision and forget to look at things that we walk by every single day.

There you have it! Eleven brilliant Sprint decluttering ideas that could get you one step closer to a more relaxed and clutter-free environment!

Happy Decluttering!

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