11 Things You Never Thought to Organize

11 Things You Never Thought to Organize

There are some areas in our homes that we keep neglecting to get organized. We may be good at decluttering and keeping things clean, but we all suffer from those problem areas we just never take the time to solve.

The funny thing about organizing is that it never takes as long as you think it will, and doing so can save you a lot of time having to tidy up the same spot over and over.

I like to call these areas of our home “the problem areas.”

We all suffer silently together about these problem areas, but it is time we rise up and finally do something about them!

If you think your home is perfectly organized, or your home is a disheveled heap of a mess, this list is for you. Check out 11 things you never thought to organize below!

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Books have a magical way of making or breaking a shelf. (Not literally, unless you’re jammed packed with books)!

Books for display in a kid’s room, in a study, or a living room can instantly make your home feel relaxing and symmetrical… or a cluttered jumbled mess.

It is time to organize your books for a more visually appealing display of literature.

Organize your books by height and or/ by color. You will be shocked at how much more polished your books will make your home look if you take the time to get them more organized.


Sure they may have their dedicated drawers, but are they organized?

Line up bras with cups pushed out so there is no more damage.

Fold pairs of socks together and color coordinate. Discard missing mates.

Fold your underwear and color-code those as well by style.

With small intimates we rather not take the time to fold and line them up, but think about all the time you will be getting back from not having to rummage through your drawers to find your favorite pair of undies. (Come on, we all have that one favorite pair).


On the regular, we all need some sort of office supply.

A stapler here, pen and paper there, and the occasional whiteout.

We tend to do two things with our office supplies at home.

1- We have multiples of everything. (Time to declutter if this is the case for you).

2- We often shove everything in a drawer or a box and call it a day.

Regardless of where you store your office supplies, it is time to get them organized. If you have everything in a desk drawer, get dividers for all of your supplies, so everything has a place of its own.

If you organize your supplies in boxes, then clearly label each box for easy and organized access.


If you do not have any pets, then blow on by this section; but if you do own pets you know their stuff can be a real eye’ soar in the home.

Create a dedicated bin for your pet’s items you do not use regularly. Brushes, medications, etc., and label.

Find a nice basket that goes well with your decor that you can place their toys in when you want to everything off the floor.

Hang hooks for leashes and doggy bags.

Upgrade their food and water bowls. There are so many nicer-looking bowls than those mismatched ones you just grabbed from the kitchen.

Put their food in sealed containers that are also attractive and bonus for your pet, their food will stay fresher longer!

My oh my, organizing our mail never seems to come with a simple solution.

Until now…

Create a designated mail station where you can put mail that can be filed away at a later time and a place for the mail that needs your attention.

The second you bring mail into your home, immediately go to the trash can and throw away anything you know is trash right away.

Stop throwing your mail on the kitchen counter and find a spot you can sort and file your mail as easily and painlessly as possible.


The reason why our canned goods drive us a little crazy in our pantry is they all are different sizes!

They become hard to stack and can make your pantry look very unorganized.

If you finally want your canned goods to look organized, you have to start thinking of clever ways to organize this dreaded part of the pantry.

Before you begin, go through all of your cans and discard or donate anything you never actually eat.

You can get risers to stack your canned goods so you can finally see the ones in the back.

You could also try wide racks where you can lay your canned goods on their side. This makes it so easy to see what you may be running low on.

If you have any deep drawers you could put all of your canned goods in there and label the tops. Think about how much space you will win back in your pantry!

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If you are shoving all of your cleaning supplies under your kitchen sink with no rhyme or reason, today is the day you finally make this space an organized dream.

Before you start to organize your cleaning products do a serious decluttering session.

Safely discard old supplies you never use and try to stick with the basics and multipurpose cleaners to cut down on how many we need.

Organize your supplies in a “to-go basket,” where you will find everything you need for cleaning one particular area of the house.

Get clear bins and use up vertical space so you can see all of your supplies at once, and don’t forget to label.


Pool toys take the prize for the most awkward things to store and organize.

Especially in the heart of summer we leave our inflatables full of air and leave our noodles floating in the pool, causing our backyards to look like a cluttered mess.

If you don’t know how to organize your pool toys, think about using a pallet to keep things off the floor and utilize vertical space.

Or use a hamper to store your pool toys out of sight.

Instead of having outdoor toys and sports equipment scattered all over the place and/or shoved into a corner of the garage, think about adding an open shelving unit to your garage that can serve as an outdoor activity catch-all.


So often we take the time to organize the fridge but not the freezer. Meal planning would be so much easier if we could at a glance see everything and stop buying duplicates of foods we do not need.

Organizing a freezer doesn’t have to be as agonizing as it sounds!

Readjust your shelving to make it work for you. And think about using that wasted vertical space by adding an open-tiered shelf.

Un-package what you can to free up space and get a few labeled containers to keep your freezer always organized.


A nightstand… the place where all things random come to hang out and cause necessary chaos in your life.

If you have cords, books, chapstick, loose change, reading glasses, tissue, and bottles of half-drunken water constantly dominating your nightstand, it is time you declutter and organize it.

Get a reusable glass bottle with a sealed top for your bedside water. Cut down on how many glasses or bottles you let accumulate in this tiny space.

Any item that for sure belongs somewhere else, take it there and get it off your nightstand.

If you collect tiny things like hair ties and bobby pins, then make sure you have a small container that you can put these in so they don’t get lost in the mess.

Dividers and bins can be all that it takes to turn your nightstand into a perfectly organized space where everything you need is at arm’s length.

11 | THE CAR

There are so many ways we can cut the clutter from accumulating in the car.

Always have a trash bag or bin available to put trash in, instead of shoving it in the side compartment of our car doors.

The space behind the front seats can do wonders for you. Hang a shoe organizer, or a bag over the headrest of the front seat and create instant storage for anything you must keep in your car.

Keep bags or bins in the trunk and get in the habit of putting things in the trunk of your car versus the backseat.

This will force you to have to open up the trunk and take things you need up in one shot, versus having to go from door to door collecting clothes, shoes, shopping bags. etc.

The best thing is with this idea, is that if you don’t want to bring items out of your car at that moment, they are nestled in your trunk and not all over the backseat.

Convenience and organization will help you keep your car feeling clean and new 24/7.

There are so many areas of our home we neglect because they seem harder to organize than they are.

Do not fear these areas another moment and get every square inch of your home decluttered and organized the way you deserve!

Happy Decluttering!

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