The Big List of 100 Things to Declutter Right Now

The Big List of 100 Things to Declutter Right Now

Decluttering has its many challenges and it seems that simply getting started takes the number one spot. Sometimes all it takes is one decluttering list to get things rolling.

If you’re a little lost, a little overwhelmed, or a little dazed while trying to begin the decluttering process in your own home then this list is for you!

Sometimes all it will take to transform your home is to jump in with both feet and get to work.

This decluttering list is designed to help ease you into your decluttering journey. Making decisions on sentimental and expensive items can be tough, so it might be a little easier to start with the obvious things to declutter.

So use this decluttering list today to rampage through your home on a mission.

I encourage you to grab some trash bags, and some boxes for donating, and get a nice hot bath ready for when you are done with this list!

Remember you are taking a huge step in the right direction toward a more minimalist lifestyle and your efforts will pay off. So keep on reading to see the big list of 100 things you can declutter right now.

Don’t forget to print out your free decluttering list at the end of this post!

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The Big List of 100 Things to Declutter

1. Rewards member cards

2. Faux plants that look faded and out of date

3. Old electronics and their chargers

4. Paper bills and statements (go paperless)

5. Owner manuals (you can access all this info online now)

6. Expired, broken, and dirty makeup

7. Travel-sized product samples

8. Purses you haven’t used in the last year

9. Chipped dishes

10. Any intimates with holes

11. Pictures that hold no significance

12. Outdated hanging wall art and family pictures

13. Empty alcohol or soda bottles

14. To-go water bottles and thermoses, one per person only

15. Old sheets that no one uses

16. VHS and DVD’s no one watches

17. Craft supplies you haven’t used in years

18. Rusted steak knives

19. Rusted sheet pans, muffin tins, and baking supplies

20. Holiday decor you never put up any more

21. Nylons, tights, or stockings you never wear anymore

22. Novelty decor and items you have outgrown

23. Extra sets of towels, table linens, and blankets that never get used

24. Extra pens and pencils (only keep your favorites)

25. Multiple pads of paper

26. Spices you never use or have expired

27. Games no one plays

28. Books you have already read and won’t read again

29. CDs you haven’t listened to in years

30. Worn and stained rugs

31. Towels and shower curtains that have mildewed

32. Outdated home decor

33. Movies and shows you have saved on your TV but haven’t watched yet

34. Recipe cards and articles

35. Greeting cards that aren’t sentimental

36. Couch pillows that are outdated, lumpy, or worn

37. Old nail polish and used nail files

38. Coupons to places you never eat

39. Takeout menus

40. Worn out patio furniture and cushions

41. Excess coffee mugs

42. Food you will never eat

43. Stained and mismatched Tupperware

44. Apps on your phone and tablet you don’t use

45. Clothes that have never fit comfortably

46. Extra backpacks

47. Unused small kitchen appliances

48. Emails you no longer wish to receive (unsubscribe at the bottom)

49. Kids’ artwork (keep your favorites, and take pictures of the rest)

50. Anything in the garage you haven’t needed in the last few years

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51. Hobby supplies for a hobby you don’t do anymore

52. Old sunscreens and lotions (they do expire!)

53. Towels that are fraying or rough to the touch

54. Jewelry that you haven’t worn in the last year

55. Fancy outfits (you will probably want to buy something new when the time comes anyway!)

56. Candles or air fresheners you don’t like

57. Loose change (find a place to collect all change, and take it to the bank once a year)

58. Receipts of items you know you aren’t going to return

59. Gifts you don’t like, but feel obligated to hold onto

60. Overabundance of cleaning supplies

61. Tools you never will need

62. The extra screws, nails, and Allen wrenches that came with your furniture

63. Exercise equipment you never use

64. Photos and videos on your phone (upload to your computer)

65. Old contacts and texts

66. Any social media accounts you no longer want to be a part of

67. Expired medicine and vitamins

68. Replace old bathroom toiletries, toilet brush, shower curtain liner, toothbrushes, etc.

69. High heels that hurt too much to wear

70. Really chewed up pet toys and bones

71. Extra glassware; baking dishes, vases, serving trays, bowls, etc.

72. Birthday party supplies you never use

73. Promotional cups

74. Takeout condiments

75. Extra makeup and travel bags

76. Stretched ponytail holders and rusted bobby pins

77. Rusted hot tools for hair styling

78. Placemats and table cloths you don’t use

79. Extra buttons for clothing

80. Old USB drives

81. Gift wrapping supplies

82. Sports equipment for sports no one plays anymore

83. Recyclables you haven’t recycled yet

84. Sewing kit if you never use it

85. Mismatched hangers

86. Used up gift cards

87. Hats, gloves, and scarves that you didn’t use last winter

88. Jackets that you never use

89. Bathing suits you didn’t wear last summer

90. Extra sets of sunglasses or eyeglasses

91. Pajamas you never wear but keep stuffing in your drawer

92. Novelty T-Shirts you let just hang in your closet

93. Plastic bags and canvas totes

94. Already read magazines

95. Old paint, let it dry out, and throw away responsibly

96. Shop rags, keep just a few

97. Fridge magnets

98. A printer that you never use

99. Duplicate office supplies

100. Socks with holes

There you have it 100 things you should declutter right now! Print out your free decluttering list below and get started!

Happy Decluttering!

11 thoughts on “The Big List of 100 Things to Declutter Right Now

  1. I just found you today and Awesome list! That is going to be so helpful. Funny thing is, I did one of your listed things which is to remove apps I no longer use yesterday. I made a big clean up on my ipad…just wish I can get my lazy butt off my bed to clean my room LOL!

  2. I have a question. About the “CDs I haven’t listened in years”, what should I do with them? It’s so hard to part with them because they are old school tunes, but I haven’t listened to them in many years. When I listen to music, I listen now on my ipad or Spotiffy. What should I do? ?

  3. Hi Hilda!
    I think you already answered your question, you haven’t listened to them for years now! I think the trouble we deal with when trying to part with sentimental items is that we can’t look past the sentiment and realize it really is just an item. Look at your CDs this way, you love the music on them, will that change if you were to donate or sell them? Nope, you are still going to love and listen to that music. If you use Spotify or your ipad why not download all the songs you love from the CDs onto your digital platform so you won’t be missing a single song? I also know that we all spent a lot of money on CDs in the past, but that money is long gone now. I would try to pick five at a time you can donate until you have gained the courage to donate them all!

  4. Thanks for the list, Hilda! Number 28 sticks out. We have a huge cupboard full of board games that we should have chucked long ago since our kids are older now. Somehow, by keeping them I think we’re trying to recapture the time when the kids were young. Time to move on I guess!

  5. I am on a mission to declutter my life along with my home. I reviewed the list however, I would love to print the list so I can cross off those items as I complete. How may I print a list? Thank you.

  6. Hi Joann! Decluttering your home and your life is a great mission to have! I, unfortunately, do not have the list in a printable form (something I am considering now!) But if you have Microsoft Word you can copy the text of the article and paste it into a word document, pictures and all from top to bottom if that would make it easier! If you do not have Microsoft Word you could always copy and paste the text of the article into an email and you can print out any email. Hope this helps! In the meantime, I’ll work on creating a downloadable printable list and post it here within the next week or so! Thank you and Happy Decluttering!

  7. Great list-makes it seem not so daunting. I have a question about steak knives. I have several old and rusted ones but scared to just toss out since they could hurt someone. Any tips on how you discard them ?

  8. Hello Stefanie! If you have any cardboard I would make a sheath by cutting the cardboard the length of the blade and sliding it in the core of the cardboard! I would write on the cardboard itself what is it and I’m sure that will make discarding them so much safer.

  9. OMG! I love this list and can’t wait to get started and feel FREE!. I have always been pretty good about decluttering but feel like I need a reset button to get back at it. It is difficult because my husband doesn’t get rid of anything…so I will start with my own stuff. LOL

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