The Health & Fitness Planner You Need to Succeed

The Health & Fitness Planner You Need to Succeed

Sticking to a fitness routine seems to be one of the hardest things to stick to, but why? When we exercise and eat healthily we feel better, we look better, and we think better, yet we still have troubles with sticking with it.

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It is such a simple concept yet we tend to hang in there for maybe a month, maybe a week, or maybe until a co-worker brings in doughnuts for breakfast… and then we fall right off that fitness horse.

Even with the best intentions and the support of your friends and family, sometimes those things just are not enough to help you stay on track with a long term health plan.

So the question remains, how do you keep yourself accountable to stay on track?

What does it take to finally reach those fitness goals you have been dreaming about for years?

The Health and Fitness Planner You Need to Succeed

That would be a Health & Fitness Planner!

When we keep our goals floating inside our minds, instead of seeing them written down on paper, sometimes we just can’t figure out how to start, how to continue, but most importantly how to achieve those goals!

Health and Fitness Planner

I have tried many different tactics to stay on track and I found that a super detailed, motivational, and easy to use Health & Fitness planner was the closest I was ever going to get to a personal trainer!

So I decided to create a Health & Fitness planner that I knew could for the first time, really, actually, help me to stick to a real change in my life!

Now I would like to share it with you!

Lady Decluttered’s Health & Fitness Planner is not like anything you probably have used before!

Inside you will find 11 incredibly detailed motivational tools to help guide you through your health journey all the way to success! Plus also find a motivational letter to help get you started and motivational quotes to remind you during the hard times, why you are doing this.

So what exactly comes in the Health & Fitness Planner?

the health and fitness planner

Weekly Fitness Tracker

  • Holds you accountable for tracking what body part you worked out, how long, what you focused on the most, and your goal for the week.

Monthly Fitness Tracker

  • Track your month to compare each week’s successes and needs for improvement. Compare weigh in’s and dimensions, and communicate your goals and what you accomplished.

26 Health & Fitness Challenges

  • 26 health & fitness challenges designed to push yourself to a new level! You can do one or all 26, it is totally up to you!

Weekly Meal Planner

  • Easily write down what you will be eating for the entire week for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks.


  • Figure out what your goals really are and then learn the tools to turn those goals in SMART goals.

Habit Tracker

  • Hone in on a habit you wish to break or a habit you would like to start.
The Health and Fitness Planner You Need to Succeed

Healthy Snacks

  • Find a list of healthy snacks, and space to add more of your favorites to make meal planning a breeze.

Healthy Breakfast

  • Find a list of healthy breakfast ideas, and space to add more of your favorites to make meal planning a breeze.

Healthy Lunches

  • Find a list of healthy lunches, and space to add more of your favorites to make meal planning a breeze.

Healthy Dinners

  • Find a list of healthy dinners, and space to add more of your favorites to make meal planning a breeze.

Monthly Exercise Calendar

  • Plan out your month to incorporate the best days for exercise and keep track of when you would like to update your planner pages. Looking at your month in one glance can help you stay focused on what you want to really accomplish.


If you are ready to give this fitness and health thing another chance I would highly suggest getting started with a plan. With the Health & Fitness planner, you will be able to create a routine that works for you specifically, since no two people are alike!

And remember…

“Health is not about the weight you lose. It’s about the life you gain.”

Happy Decluttering!

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