30 Amazing Purse Organization Ideas

30 Amazing Purse Organization Ideas

Purse organization is not the easiest of tasks. You have to worry about organizing your purse itself, plus organizing all of your purses at home. Luckily, we’ve found the best ideas, examples, and step by step guide to give your purse organization efforts a complete overhaul!

We can all feel the pain of the dreaded purse dump. You know the one. Where once every two weeks (ok maybe a month) you pull everything out and throw away Starbucks receipts, empty gum wrappers, and collect all the hair ties to go back into your bathroom…

This time you swear, you are going to keep it clean and organized! That is until you stuff the grocery receipt in your purse in a fit of anxiety, because everyone in line is glaring at you.

After that, it’s all over! In goes everything, loose change, ten different chapsticks, a bottle of perfume, Band-Aids, a granola bar, mail from two days ago…

This doesn’t have to be your life anymore. There are dozens of ways to finally get your purse organized but it’s going to take some effort on your part, but trust me it’s worth it!

Keep reading to end of this post to see 30 beautiful purse organization examples!

What should you put in your purse?

You know the basics. Wallet, phone, & sunglasses. But what about everything else you may need? How do you determine what’s important to carry around with you and what’s not?

There are two things to think about, emergency & 24 hour comfort.

In the unfortunate situation you have an emergency what would you want to have on you to make it through? Here are some ideas to help you identify what those items may be.

  • Phone charger in case your phone dies.
  • Band-aids, pain reliever, tissues, antibacterial wipes.
  • Water & food in case you get stuck somewhere.
  • Contacts if you are in trouble.

The other important category is 24 hour comfort. Let’s say you unexpectedly are away from your home for 24 hours what would you need to feel comfortable?

  • Chapstick, gum, small hair brush, perfume, dry shampoo to be able to freshen up.
  • Small notepad, pen, headphones to help with boredom
  • Maybe a small pair of socks or scarf in case it gets cold.

What should you leave out of your purse?

On the flip side there are a lot of things that make it into your purse that you probably could live with out. We may feel we need to carry absolutely everything but in reality, there are quite a few things you can leave behind.

Here are some typical items that make it into purses that you may consider leaving at home to lighten the load.

  • Mail, magazines, large notepads, more than one pen or pencil.
  • Club member cards. If you always use your phone number, stop carrying around the cards in your wallet.
  • Unnecessary keys or keychains on your key ring.
  • Full sized brushes, medicine, bottles of lotions, perfumes, or hand sanitizers.
  • Large bulky planners or calendars.
  • More than one pack of gum, mints, granola bars, etc.

How can you keep your purse organized?

MAKE A PURSE CHANGE. Maybe your purse is too small or too big. You need to use one that is just right for you & your lifestyle.

If you are an on the go minimalist, a smaller purse may be better suited for you. If you are a mom of four it may be wise to increase your purse size for the unforeseen carry on items you end up needing.

CATEGORIZE THE CONTENTS OF YOUR PURSE. Most purses have one to two additional zipper pockets somewhere. It is time to make an effort to decide what will always stay in these pockets. Phone, keys? It’s up to you!

Add small zippered pouches for designated items and label them. Use clear, mesh, or color coded to help quickly remind you what’s in them.

Not sure what types categories you may need in these smaller bags? Check out this list to help you identify what categories you probably already have in your purse.

  • FIRST AID. Band-aids, Advil, tums, Neosporin, antibacterial wipes.
  • MAKEUP. Chapstick, lipstick, face powder, concealer, perfume.
  • HAIRCARE. Bobby pins, hair ties, dry shampoo.
  • NOTES. Notepad, pens, pencils.
  • FOOD. Granola bars, flavored water packets, napkins.
  • ELECTRONICS. Phone, headphones, charger.

INCORPORATE A PURSE INSERT. If you have a large open purse then you may want to consider trying a purse organization insert! Every item now will have a designated spot of their own.

It may take some time getting used to putting things where they belong, but if you love being able to see everything in your purse in one glance, then this may be the perfect solution for you.

UPGRADE YOUR WALLET. If you can barely fit everything you need in your existing wallet, you may want to find a new one that can. Or on the flip side if you have a huge bulky wallet, downside to a slimmer version that can easily fit into your purse.

You may want to consider a phone case with a wallet attached if you are constantly leaving your purse behind just to take your wallet and phone with you.

COMMIT TO A MONTH LONG HABIT CHANGE. For one full month challenge yourself to put your car keys back in that same pocket… every single time. We can change small habits with just a little bit of intention and effort.

Whatever changes you’ve made to try and keep your purse organized make a conscious attempt to keep it that way.

DO A 5 MINUTE PURSE TOUCH UP EVERY WEEK. It’s not just enough to organize a space. You also have to maintain it. Choose the same day and time every week to quickly adjust your purse back to how you organized it. You will be surprised how this can be accomplished in mere minutes.

What are the best organizers to display your purses at home?

Before you start to think about organizing your purse collection, perform a serious declutter! Remember some of theses things as you go through your purses.

  • If you haven’t used it in the last two years, you probably won’t.
  • Purge stained or torn bags.
  • Beware of duplicates! If you have 10 canvas totes, cut that number in half by keeping only your top favorites to free up some space.
  • Be rational with seasonal bags. If you have a lot of clutches but barely go out anymore go ahead and let some go. If you still have tons of different beach bags, but rarely make it there, then let some go.
  • Only keep handbags for who you really are. It’s OK to donate bags that no longer fit your personal style.

Here comes the fun part. Figuring out how to organize all of your purses! There are many different ways to display your collection, but the easiest thing to do next after purging is categorizing.

Not sure how to categorize your purses? Check out these relatable options and see which one best suits want you need to keep them organized.

BY USEAGE. If you use a lot of the same purses then you may want to organize those specific ones together, and organize less used ones separately.

BY COLOR. This one is obviously very fun and easy on the eyes! If you love color then organizing all of your purses by color will be a no brainer.

BY STYLE. This one is very helpful throughout the year. If you know all of your clutches and night out bags are in one section and your summer bags and canvas totes are in another, you’ll always know where everything goes.

BY SIZE. Either small on top and large on the bottom or vice versa. Storing your bags by their size allows you to acquire organizing products that can help you even further with your organizing efforts.

Now that you have your categories it’s time to come up with some clever purse organizational solutions! There is no wrong way to store your handbags & purses. The only thing that matters is that it works for you.

Check out these amazing 30 purse organization ideas below!

(This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Some of the amazing following photos are not my own, click on them to head straight to the source!)

01 | Display your purses proudly on a shelving unit.

02 | Use your built in shelves to color coordinate your bags.

03 | Use acrylic dividers on closet shelves to double the storage.

04 | Work your purses into your home decor.

05 | Use acrylic dividers in deep drawers for small bags and clutches.

06 | Use a wine rack to creatively store small bags in plain sight.

07 | Create a purse organizing station with a piece of furniture.

08 | Shower curtain hooks work great for hanging purses.

09 | Bins can hide & organize it all.

10 | Create an artistic display with your high end purses.

11 | Have acrylic dividers line the shelf in your closet for easy separation.

12 | Have an unusual space? Utilize it with floating acrylic purse holders.

13 | Hang wire bins on the wall for vertical organizing.

14 | Forward face your purses with most used in the front and less used in the back.

15 | Use a vertical purse hanger in your closet.

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16 | This over the door clear purse organizer is a real space saver.

17 | Transform a shelved closet into the perfect handbag organizing closet.

18 | Colorful bags? Make an artistic statement by hanging them on a wall.

19 | Modern pipe rods are a great way to control purse clutter.

20 | A simple wooden piece with wooden dowels can bring boho chic a whole new meaning.

21 | Make use of a cube storage unit to help sort & organize your purses.

22 | An industrial and modern wall mounted coat rack can be perfect for purse storage.

23 | Use really easy slip on wood shelf dividers.

24 | Wire over the door organizers can be used for more than utility closets.

25 | Metal S hooks are a great way to hang purses in plain sight.

26 | Use these adjustable storage cubes to create the perfect display.

27 | These clear purse holders can hang right in the closet.

28 | Some simple coat hooks and a little wall paper, make this dead space useful and fun!

29 | Divide your clutches for easy access.

30 | Add hooks to unusual spaces to create a perfect grab and go spot for your everyday purses.

Out of all of these purse organization ideas I am sure you’ll be able to find a solution that works for you!

Remember some of these purse organization bits of wisdom.

  • Find the right size purse for you.
  • Make putting things back in designated spots a habit.
  • Get rid of the duplicates and purses you haven’t touched in over two years.
  • Create an at home purse organization solution that you can realistically maintain.

Happy Decluttering!

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  1. Ladies putting clear bags filled with your items in your handbag is a fantastic way to stay organized. When you change bags you simply move your clear bags to the other purse. NEVER hang your bags. It will ruin a good purse!

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