11 Before and After Decluttering Photos

11 Before and After Decluttering Photos

You may have some inspiring decluttering ideas for your home, but you just are lacking the motivation to actually do them. If this sounds like you then you may be in need of some realistic before and after decluttering photos to prove it’s worth all the effort.

Decluttering your home can be a difficult task. There are so many reasons why we keep putting off our decluttering attempts.

We could be short on time, short on space, or short on patience.

The only thing you know for certain is that you want your home to be clutter-free. You want your home to look organized and to feel just as amazing as you do when you’ve finally completing your decluttering to-do lists.

What better way to achieve these goals than to pump up your motivation meter!

How did you even develop a desire to declutter and organize your home in the first place? You saw something that triggered something in you. It could have been a magazine, a friends home, or maybe it was the endless hours of scrolling on Pinterest falling in love with all of these organized spaces.

All you know now is that you too deserve a clutter-free home and you wish that your desire was as strong as your will to make it happen.

Having a decluttered home is not an impossible dream. It can be yours and just like practicing a new habit sometimes you have to create motivational tools to use when you start to fall back into… well, old habits!

Remember when you feel like you cannot make progress on your pantry or cannot stomach one more trip to drop of donations, take a look back at these photos to remind yourself of the finish line that you will cross if you do not give up!

So use these inspirational before and after decluttering photos come to life as your tool to keep your drive going strong.

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I do love Pinterest, but sometimes they show incredibly staged home decluttering photos which are great, but in reality, we have a lot more food in our pantries then what we see in these staged photos. Not this pantry! This pantry shows the everyday items we all have and how they flawlessly executed realistic organization that is as close to perfect as a pantry you can get!


It’s not just the color that’s poppin’ in this laundry room! By adding some cabinets (which is not that hard to do btw…) and a cleverly placed wall shelf, this laundry room tripled its storage capacity for easier organizing.


Due to its awkward location, size, and intrusion by the sink piping, organizing under the bathroom sink is a chore most of us would rather pass on. With a few minor tweaks, organizing under the bathroom sink doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Just check out how easy a few containers transformed this under the sink mess into a simplified organized dream.


I love closet before and after decluttering photos, but there is always one thing I do not like and that’s seeing the after photo with crazy expensive professionally built closet cabinets, drawers, and shelves. This wonderfully organized kids’ closet gives the illusion of an expensive upgrade using inexpensive shelving units and a hanging organizer!


Home offices quickly become the dumping grounds for all things random that come into the home. Which is irritating because these spaces are meant to stay calm and relaxed to help inspire concentration and creativity. This home office declutter makeover is sure to inspire you to do the same to yours!

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Many people do not have the space to dedicate an entire room for an office or a craft. What better way to carve out this space for yourself then emptying out a cluttered closet and transforming it? All that closet was doing was becoming an excuse to house unnecessary clutter. Why not use yours to create a space like this for yourself?


Most peoples home entryways look similar to the first picture, just imagine a pile of shoes at the front door… am I right? What’s so inspiring about this decluttering photo is that it doesn’t seem like there is much that can be done to make this space more efficient, that is until a bright colored rug and an entryway table were introduced into the mix! Take a look at your home entryway, what could you use to make this space more organized?


Spices and baking essentials can be a bit of a nightmare to keep organized. This kitchen cupboard is a perfect example of what people are really working with. A small area of their kitchens they can dedicate to these items. By using matching spice jars and containers for everything else, managing this headache in the kitchen doesn’t seem like such a chore anymore!


Obviously the first step in organizing any space is to perform a solid decluttering session. You can tell from the before photo this person went on a seriously healthy purge and you know what? It makes me want to go purge my closet right this very moment! Adding a few baskets and neatly finding homes for everything is sure to enforce this closet to stay this way.


OK, this before and after decluttering photo is beyond brilliant in two ways. Unsightly cords now have a clever cover-up that also doubles as additional organization storage. Think about the possibilities with this incredible organizing hack? If pegboard isn’t your thing just paint a solid board as another a brilliant way to hide those hated cords!


The first step to creating an epic linen closet is to remove anything that doesn’t belong there! Just like the photo below anything that didn’t belong there like holiday decor and luggage were placed in a more appropriate place. The easiest way to create this look, create symmetry! Identical and well fitting containers take this pantry from overstuffed to overly organized.

These decluttering photos are all real homes and the real stuff of people living real lives! The best part is all of these decluttering ideas anyone can master!

All it takes is a little encouragement and a little motivation to make you jump up and tackle something in your home today!

The question is what are your going to declutter and organize first?

Happy Decluttering!

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