12 Ways to Get Motivated to Declutter

12 Ways to Get Motivated to Declutter

Finding ways to get motivated to declutter might be easier than you think. Stop feeling overwhelmed, and learn how to find that inner motivation to get the job done.

Manifesting getting motivated to declutter only happens once you’ve identified why you find it hard.

There is great power in understanding why we do the things we do. Why do you keep old birthday cards from estranged friends? Why can’t you part with just one of your coffee mugs?

We have a strange relationship with our physical items and the truth is, they can overwhelm you if you try to keep them all!

Why do you find it hard to declutter?

  • You think the more you own the more successful you are.
  • You hate the idea of not having something on hand if you might need it one day.
  • You justify keeping something you do not use or love because it cost a lot.
  • You don’t have the time.
  • You have strong sentimental attachments to everything.
  • You’re so overwhelmed you don’t even know where to begin

How do you stop being overwhelmed with decluttering?

An entire home filled to the brim with years of clutter can be overwhelming. When we look at a large scale project, it can feel enormous. That’s why you need to scale it down and turn it into a simple step by step procedure.

  • Stop making unrealistic goals you can’t reach. The entire garage in a day is a little much. Aim for a bin for two.
  • Work in small manageable sections. One wall, one bookcase, one drawer at a time.
  • Focus on just decluttering. Not decluttering, cleaning, re-arranging, organizing, & labeling all at once.
  • Work decluttering into your schedule. Even 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference.

How do you find your motivation to declutter?

Need some extra help in getting motivated to declutter? These 12 tips are broken down to help you find the reasons why you want to declutter your home & how to overcome the overwhelming feeling holding you back.

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01 | Be kind to yourself.

Ok, you went a little crazy with the clutter collection over the past decade. It’s ok. It happens! We get busy, exhausted, overworked, and overwhelmed.

We are so hard on ourselves and it’s ok to let the guilt of “how do I let my home get this way?” go.

Don’t start your decluttering journey on a negative spiral. Instead, remind yourself that you are making the steps today to get this under control, and step by step you will reclaim your home back.

02 | Start with trash.

Take a trash bag and go from room to room, just simply collecting garbage.

Socks with holes, old mail, already read magazines, stained Tupper-ware with no matching lids.

Get that trash out of your home to give yourself a cleaner slate to work with.

03 | Tackle one project at a time.

Choose one area you want to focus on and see that area through to completion. We overload our to-do lists and when we start to get tired, we cut corners.

Avoid losing momentum or skipping areas to declutter by thoughtfully choosing one project at a time.

04 | Get your friends or family involved.

Friends and family might be more willing to help than you think. If you’re embarrassed by anything but know you need the help, remind yourself that our loved ones aren’t always out to judge us.

If you need your family to get on board with decluttering their own belongings, find a way to make it more fun! A set timer on the clock, a pizza party promise, or a new room makeover might be what it takes to get reluctant family members on board.

05 | Make some extra cash.

If you are decluttering with a purpose, you might get more motivared to declutter. Maybe you need some extra cash to pay a bill, replace a wardrobe, or go on vacation. Sell your decluttered items or host a yard sale to bring in some extra spending money.

06 | If you’re not ready to purge then don’t.

Sounds a little counter productive doesn’t it? In reality, this is a low risk option for people who really have a hard time getting rid of things.

Box up items you want to part with but just can’t. Put that box in the garage or a closet. Give yourself a time line to remind yourself about that box. If you never pulled a single thing out of it in let’s say six months, could you now maybe part with it?

This is a great exercise to to help you understand how little power these items have over your life and might get you motivated to declutter them for good.

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07 | You don’t have to deep clean at the same time.

It sure does make sense that you would want to clean and reorganize at the same time as you declutter, since your right there…

But if the thought of cleaning, organizing, and decluttering an area all at the same time is too overwhelming, then don’t. In most cases it is a little overwhelming even for more seasoned declutters like myself!

Just start with decluttering. 

Once you feel you have thoroughly decluttered your home room by room then start on a different goal to deep clean and organize.

08 | Stop waiting for your day off.

In a perfect world you could always count on your days off to be dedicated to your decluttering plans, but plans change often. Since decluttering your entire home is a large project, you’re better off fitting in smaller decluttering projects throughout the week.

Take 10- 15 minutes every day for one small section to declutter.

One shelf in the pantry.

One bathroom drawer.

One pile of mail.

One box of junk.

These quick micro-decluttering sessions will add up quickly, and you will be able to take some pressure off of your days off.

09 | Remember that you can revisit an area multiple times.

If you felt you accomplished very little in your closet, kitchen, pantry, etc., remember that you can go back again for another decluttering session.

Don’t feel defeated, get motivated to declutter by reminding yourself you will have the opportunity to try again.

10 | Visually provide yourself with motivation to declutter.

Whether you need to see it or hear it, make sure you have something you can use to remind yourself every day of why you want to declutter your home.

Write it on your bathroom mirror.

Listen to a daily decluttering & organizing podcast.

Binge watch The Home Edit on Netflix!

Re-ignite your motivation to declutter as often as you need to get the job done.

11 | Face your own reality.

This might be one of the best ways to get motivated to declutter.

Walk around your home and take pictures of how things are right now.

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

It brings attention to areas that bring you serenity and the ones that are destroying your sanity. It can actually be a powerful tool for helping you face your personal reality.

Once you can see the mess through a different perspective such as a photo, you can begin to visualize what needs to change.

Not to mention you now have some great before photos that will require after photos!

12 | Make a plan.

Plans exist for a reason. They keep us on track. They remind us of what we need to get prepared, what we need to do next, and how to stay accountable in achieving the goal.

Decluttering your home will be more successful if you make a plan.

Plan for when you can declutter & how much time you can dedicate.

Where you plan to start decluttering in your home & what spaces need organizing solutions.

I was the most successful in decluttering my entire home thoroughly when I used a smart and simple plan that kept me motivated as I moved from room to room.

If you’re interested in my decluttering plan then check out my E-Book Decluttered below!

Let’s re-cap on the 12 ways to get motivated to declutter!

  1. Be kind to yourself.
  2. Start with trash.
  3. Tackle one project at a time.
  4. Get your friends & family involved.
  5. Make some cash.
  6. If you’re not ready to purge then don’t.
  7. You don’t have to deep clean at the same time.
  8. Stop waiting for your day off.
  9. Remember you can revisit an area multiple times.
  10. Visually provide yourself with motivation to declutter.
  11. Face your own reality.
  12. Make a plan.

Happy Decluttering!

2 thoughts on “12 Ways to Get Motivated to Declutter

  1. Hi Jes,
    I enjoyed reading your motivational blog on cluttering & I am saving it to read it often. I’ll scrub toilets or anything else but clean up my crap. I’ve tried different methods but it’s so overwhelming to me. I would love to wave my wand & have it disappear.. lol. I am too embarrassed to have a friend or family help me. I think i’ll start with the small time slots & hopefully be done by the time I’m 60(next April). Thanks for the positivity! I love the pillow cases, very original.

  2. Thank you Cynthia for your comment! Isn’t it funny how we avoid what we don’t want to do with even more unpleasant tasks! I do the same thing. I’d rather spend 12 hours folding my socks into swans than dust… It’s just one of those things. I think in reality we often think everything will take so much longer than it actually will. I would try an exercise where you try to clean up one little area filled with clutter and write down how long you think it would take you to sort through and put away the pile. Then compare it to how long it actually took. You’ve probably be surprised how more often than not it was a bit easier and faster to accomplish! Good luck to you and remember one step at a time is still a step in the right direction!

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